(Updated With Photos & Video) MINI To Launch a Playboy Edition R58 Coupe

MINI is currently putting the finishing touches on the first production run of Playboy Edition R58 MINI Coupes. That’s what sources are telling us from Oxford who have seen the cars. While it’s unclear still what the edition will features, we’ve confirmed it will have the following:

  • All Midnight black exterior
  • Unique Stripes
  • Playboy Sill Tread
  • Alcantara Dash Upper and Lower
  • Playboy Edition side repeaters
  • Champaign mirror caps

Considering MINI Yours is behind this special edition expect unique trim and badging inside as well.

The model will be available in both Europe and the US later this summer. Look for an official MINI announcement soon.

  • wetwolf

    Geez guys, April 1 has already come and gone….seriously, why?

    • Jon

      This is totally a late April Fool’s joke, right???

  • Mark @ MINI of the Main Line

    Sex sells… maybe.

  • b-

    Wow, take a car that is a low sales volume and add some champaign accessories and sell less.

  • warrencheswick

    What a terrible idea. The only people I’ve ever seen who would like something that’s playboy themed that are those ditzy blondes who wear hot pants with the playboy bunny on it. Not sure a black mini coupe would appeal to them. Maybe make it pink and they could sell a couple.

  • CloroxPlz

    The secret compartment comes filled with Clorox wipes to sanitize the seats of the bodily fluids that are added for extra authenticity

  • In Germany already available: http://www.mini.de/playboy/index.jsp

  • piper

    Halloween has also come and gone!

  • TheDreadPirate

    That orange car in the video is fantastic looking!

    • b-

      Yes! A real orange and not Copper or Yellow!

  • JamesN

    I remember the days when a Mini special editions consisted of After-Eight After Dinner Mints and the London Ritz Hotel. This looks like someone has robbed some crap aftermarket decals on it! FFS MINI!

  • Henry Wu

    Dig the badge. Want the badge.

  • Tim H

    A lot of women like Playboy. A lot of sugar daddies like women…A+B = limited edition purchase.

  • crabbyolddad

    A foundering car company trying last ditch efforts to create a market that remains elusive.

    Kind of like the parent company that has forgotten what THEY were made of.


  • MoBoost

    Thought this version would come with bigger bumpers.

  • minipuma


  • Kurtster

    Very nice! Glad to see this. I thought they’d given up on the Coupe.

    It also appears very few here have actually read a single article in this magazine. Naked people don’t freak me out in the least.

  • Captain

    Of course the car would be topless…

    • Mr Remi

      Along that line of thinking, the roadster would have made way more sense.

  • Eric W.

    Just wait til the airbag deploy…

  • VanMINI


  • Robert Clary

    Don’t do it. Just don’t .

    • Kurtster

      Why not?

  • Bunch of haters. I think it looks great, the styling is well thought out. Does not matter that Playboy is involved, and why should that matter!?

  • Bunch of haters. This Coupe looks very well thought out. Why should it matter that Playboy is involved?

  • Nick

    I like it except for the playboy logo. Nothing against playboy, I’m just a little too shy for that badge.

  • Andy

    As a huge MINI fan/owner and also a Playboy fan, I have to say these two do NOT go together. I agree with warrencheswick; ditzy chicks who think they’re hot and fill their lips and butts with rubber tire gel would only buy this car. Actually, they’d get their dumbass male owner to buy it for them. Yes the orange car in the video is super cool.

  • RC

    Does the Owner’s Manual have a centerfold?