Video: Designing and Building the MINI Superleggera Vision

This one is a must watch. While most BMW and MINI videos are dry beyond words, MINI has created something special for us here. We get a literal walk-through of the design and build process for the brand’s latest concept, the MINI SuperLeggera in mostly a single camera take. It’s a fantastic video you’ll want to watch more than once just to take it all in. And then there’s the car itself. While it’s not quite like seeing it in the flesh, seeing it in this video gives us our best look at what MINI and Superleggera have created.

  • oldsbear

    I would settle for a dry video containing interesting information.

  • scamper

    Michael Corleone: “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

  • lawrothegreat

    I love the token sewing machine, it’s fantastic!

  • revorg

    I just noticed this – not only does the Vision not have a top, but it doesn’t have windscreen wipers. Apparently not to be driven in the real world. But oh, so beautiful.

    • lavardera

      If there is no top, what is the sense of wipers – unless you plan to drive the car in the rain and ruin it!

  • lavardera

    The clay front fascia they are standing in front of is so simple and clean – why can’t the front of the Mini be like that? Why so many vents and protrusions.