Hands-on With the MINI SuperLeggera Vision

When BMW uses the term Vision with a concept, it typically references a vehicle that is a true vision of the future rather than a lightly disguised new model. Given our hands-on time with the concept at the Concours D’Elegance in Italy we’d say the name fits this concept well. The hand-formed aluminum body is exceptionally detailed and features a shoulder line running the length of the car that is a new piece of the MINI design language. The interior, while sparse in its overall design abounds in small touches that speak to the hand-made nature of it all.

The overall composition inside if almost entirely leather and aluminum harkening back to the best roadsters of the last century. Outside it’s a blend of MINI tradition with British roadster sensibilities creating something entirely new. Based on reaction at the Concours and around the web the Sperleggera appears to be a hit. And from what we hear MINI is taking note in a major way. If rumors are to be believed we will see something a production version of the Superleggera (in roadster and coupe form) in 3-4 years time.

Hands-on Gallery

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  • RakSiam

    Looks huge

  • BudD

    Get rid of the tail fin.

  • oldsbear

    It would be nice if this car were built — at a reasonable price, not just for the elite buyer. A mass-market roadster — this is a revolutionary idea, which, of course, won’t materialize.

  • Don Compton

    I really like this car. I am aging myself , but I bought a ’75 914 2.0 back in the day. This car reminds of that car. Not in appearance, but in its nature. If the price is in the range of Mini’s other models, I’d jump on it.

  • scamper

    I want is so badly that it hurts me. Ow. I’m now injured. Minimal, beautiful, and the antidote to all those horrid kid-infested American-sized crossover behemoths.

  • lavardera

    no exhaust pipe, and funky shift paddle. what does it all mean?

    • It’s electric.

      • Arthur

        I like this car very much. Less is more in the fantastic minimalistic and beautiful package. I love my Roadster, but this would be my last Convertible car for sure – if it will become reality. The only drawback: it is electric. Please MINI make it happen with regular combustion engine.

        • It will likely be offered with a range of powerplants. I’d be shocked if pure electric was one if them.

        • scamper

          You said it’s electric. I take that as a promise. In my mind, it’s already sitting in my driveway, charging.

        • The concept is electric. But the reason I doubt MINI would do an electric Roadster is that is expect an electric hatch to be the focus by 2022.

        • scamper

          I hope that proves to be conservative. But from a design / form factor perspective, my faith is restored anyway, so I’ll just focus on that for the moment. 🙂

        • I agree. I think it would be a bold move. I just don’t see it as a economically sound one.

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        • lavardera

          I’m so over internal combustion. I can’t wait till electric drive is a commodity.

  • banj

    I’m seriously obsessed with this design. Love it!

  • nsbancroft

    The red one with the white stripes…SIGN ME UP!!!

    • Mark H

      Agreed. Love what they made, but that sketch of the red/white one…yes.

      • lavardera

        Yes, I agree. Its like comparing a Cobra to an MGB.

  • sugurunishioka

    JCW version of this car, minimum techie options, stick = me signing up to be the 1st one in line on the waiting list regardless of price point (assuming it still “MINI” priced).

  • Evan

    Very British. Not very MINI. If it had a Triumph badge on it, it’d be more appropriate. It may be the proportions and the character line along the side that makes it look way too long and low to be a MINI. My opinion of course- however the current roadster and coupe are very MINI despite not being a two box layout.

    The interior is, however, absolutely gorgeous. Minimal. Clean. Simple. Akin to the new Audi TT interior. This is what I’d love to see in the next-gen MINI or maybe the Clubman.

    • lavardera

      I think the influence is more Jaguar than Triumph myself.

  • JamesN

    This proves that the MINI design language works so much better in a sensitive and smooth form. The F56 Cooper looks so much better than the Cooper S because it is more simple and it’s line aren’t over complicated by extra vents, cladding and cartoon badges. The original Mini was most beautiful when left to the purity of it’s design alone, which was never meant to be beautiful in the first place, just utilitarian. This is a return to some of that value, though if it makes it to production I can guarantee unnecessary details galore that will bloat it beyond beauty.

  • Head Honcho

    Doesn’t look like a MINI and no one is complaining about the huge over hangs or how long it looks.


    My guess is that vertical stabilizer on the boot wouldn’t make it to the production model. The very shallow sloped windshield kind of reminds me of the ’50’s Porsche Speedster that had side curtains instead of roll up windows. We haven’t seen what this car would look like with a rag top (or detachable hardtop) included in the photos. In either case, it could have a very low roofline. Gabe…on another subject…any word on the release of more info & undisguised photos of the F55 4 door hatch due out this fall since the factory build will begin in July?? I’m sure many are anxious to see this info since that model could be very popular with its roomier more ‘usable’ rear seats over the F56 2 door hatch. Also, would the F55 include the rear 2 seat setup as in the F56 or just a 3 seater that I’ve read…at least here in the U.S. Just can’t see it having room for 3 people in the back seat unless they’re 8 years old!!

    • Next week we should see…. something.

    • If this makes it to production without the fin, expect an aftermarket fin to surface very quickly. Name one other car in mass production today with a fin. What’s that sound? Crickets? That’s right, because there are none. The fin is cool, as is the car. Love, love love it.