MINI Delays Production of the JCW Exterior Pack

This just in from MINI USA. We’ve got news that the JCW Exterior Package will be delayed. Originally scheduled to be part of the various production changes scheduled for July 2014, the exterior package is set to include wheels, badging and most importantly the JCW aero-kit.

MINI is now telling us to expect production to begin in November. Interestingly MINI’s original plan was to release the full JCW model via the internet in December, publicly debut it January and start production in March. There’s no word on whether that will also be delayed.

  • r_k_w

    Wishful thinking, but hopefully the delay is due to redesigning the front bumper. MINI can sell a lot of $2000 aerokits if they offer a better looking alternative to the stock front bumper.

    • Moto

      I believe this was supposed to be released July 2014 for the new 2015 model?

  • Matt

    Is this a typo that should say July 2014 and pushing to November of this year? I may be the only one who likes the kit, but I’m waiting for it…

  • John

    Why does MINI delay so many things? It seems like a very high percentage of things get pushed back for months.

    • TurbochargedChili

      Because they are probably working out other more major production issues that you and the general public won’t know of until your car breaks down. O

  • Jon

    I wish they didn’t even offer this JCW exterior kit. Doesn’t it dilute the real JCW cars, if there are normal Cooper S models driving around with these kits? Of course it does. The JCW-specific body kit should only come on a JCW car. It’s common sense, folks. So, for those Cooper S drivers wanting a more aggresively-styled exterior, MINI should offer up a different, lesser body kit that slots in between the JCW and the S’s standard body panels. Or better yet, don’t offer any upgraded body kit at all, and force Cooper S drivers to buck up, and spend the extra cash for the true JCW car.

    • walk0080

      I agree. MINI stop diluting your JCW brand by offering JCW bits all over the place. John Cooper was supposed to mean something. Then again BMW are doing the same thing with their new ‘mxxx’ cars like the m235i versus a future ‘real M’ car like the M. Just my opinion.

      • The reality is that BMW, Audi and Mercedes have done this very successfully. And that bag of cash has gone back into their performance arms and financed the full-on performance cars such as the M3, RS4 and C63. Specifically for BMW, the M Division gets a cut of every “m performance” option chosen on any BMW. That money is literally funneled back into the coffers of M. I would imagine a similar system is at work with MINI.

        • lavardera

          But does BMW offer the very same facias for front and back as the M cars?

        • They are similar but different. Which is what I was told would happen this time with JCW.

        • lavardera

          I did not think they were exactly the same, but the optional M fascia had a distinct M look. That’s been a winning strategy for BMW and M. Seems like an easy formula to follow.

        • anonymous

          PORSCHE does it too, you can buy pretty much everything for your base model 911 that you can get on a GT3RS. Made me less angry about GP2 bits going on sale to everyone…

        • I wasn’t sure how Porsche did the accounting so I didn’t include them. But yes you can definitely GT3-up your base dentist edition Carrera at will.

        • TurbochargedChili

          So is this why with more money than ever, they could only manage to make the artificial engine noise in the M3 sound like a Fiesta ST? Or why their electric steering has no feel even after claiming they fixed the issue by moving the location of the electric motor?

    • Jason

      It’s not like if they didn’t offer it on the configurator people couldn’t still buy it. We can buy pretty much any OEM piece aside from GP parts.

  • Daniel

    I think this speaks volumes about the company and where its headed. A great reason that the YTD sales are down for MINI. They couldn’t properly release the new F56 without a recall to dealerships and on time. Perhaps Jim McDowell stepped down (retired) at the perfect time. Everything has been delayed ever since! They act like they haven’t had years to prepare for the model year changes in general. Lets see how delayed the next F54 Clubman and F57 Convertible, and its options will be. They should under promise so they wont keep letting the customers down.

  • b-

    Good, perhaps it will give them time to re-work the, “Honda Civic,” Aero Kit and do something a bit more tasteful.

  • TurbochargedChili

    They should focus their efforts on changing the fish mouth before they do anything, then work on those lower air inlets. While the design team does that, have engineering work on the engine and exhaust tuning. Just saw a standing mile test of the F56 S vs Abarth 500, and even though it beat the 500, it was significantly slower in the trap speed and time compared to the R56 S. They even tested an automatic – which BMW claims is faster than the manual.

    • jbkone

      Where did you see the F56 was slower than the R56? That just can’t be true.

      • TurbochargedChili

        It’s not wrong. It is actually slower. Check out Automobile standing mile. 1/4 mile time was almost a second slower than the 2011 S Hatch that they tested, and it’s trap speed was 4-5mph slower. Also, AutoTop NL, a YouTube video company, has a test of the F56 automatic up, and it’s 0-100km/h time was slower than any R56 S time I’ve seen tested, or experienced in real life. The US spec car gained about 110lbs, and only has 8 more hp. We all know the old R56 S engine was underrated. I’m not sure if the F56 B48 engine isn’t actually putting out 189hp at the wheels, but the R56 S N18 put out about 181hp at the wheels stock. Check them out. I’ve also driven the F56 S and I own an R56 S 2011. My buddy at the local MINI dealership, took one out when I was in my car, and we did several 20-80 pulls, and my car pulled away from it. I even removed my JB+ so it would be stock to stock. I posted links on another recent thread.

        • walk0080

          Can’t say I am upset since I am not in the market for another MINI. I mean weight often = bad and the R56 is a little on the heavy side for such a small car. Now I really want to dyno my stock R56 JCW to see how much HP I’ve really got! 🙂

        • I’ve seen the data and talked to the engineers. In a controlled environment the F56 is faster due mostly to the torque and the highly revised automatic.

          And fwiw BMW is nortoriously conservative with figures like this and they test in controlled conditions in the rigorous way possible. If they give you figured you can rest assured they are on the high-end of conservative.

        • TurbochargedChili

          Well, in the real world, it isn’t as fast.

        • TurbochargedChili

          You know the R56 S/JCW actually weighed a little less than the R53.