2015 MINI Model Year Changes: Exterior

While MINI has introduced an entirely new car in the F56, there are still a handful of models on the older and not necessarily out of date RXX platform. In order to keep them fresh MINI and more specifically MINI USA has made some key changes to the exterior look and options list.


LED Fog lights with Daytime running light (5A1)

As of the 2015 model year, Halogen Fog lights (520) will no longer be offered on RXX models. MINI USA will be exclusively offering LED Fog lights with Daytime running lights (5A1). This will be a $350 option on Cooper models and standard on Cooper S and JCW. The LED Fog Light is pictured above.

Exterior Color Changes

The biggest change on the R5X models is the deletion of Ice Blue is now deleted to make way for additional F5X colors.

For the R60/R61 MINI is deleting Oxford Green, Royal Grey and our favorite True Blue. Replacing them will be Jungle Green, Midnight Gray and Starlight Blue across both the Paceman and Countryman.

countryman grill

R6X LCI Grill changes

With the LCI MINI USA is introducing new grill changes for both the Countryman and Paceman. The idea is to bring them into line with the current F56 look as well as better distinguishes each model.

P90146724_2015 Countryman LCI

New R60 Option: 3CA ALL4 Exterior Styling

The $500, ALL4 Exterior Styling is new for the Countryman. It contains silver SUV Optics at the front and rear of the car as well as on the side sills. It is standard on the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 and optional on the front wheel drive Cooper and Cooper S Countryman models. It cannot be ordered with Sport Suspension (226), JCW Countryman or JCW Exterior Package (7KN).

New Option – 3L2 Piano Black Exterior

Originally a dealer installed accessory only, the new Piano Black exterior is a must have option in our minds given the design of the R60 and R61. It contains the following items in Piano Black gloss:

  • Side Scuttles
  • Front Headlight & Rear Taillight surrounds
  • Roof Rails
  • For JCW models – Side Scuttles & Roof Rails now in Piano Black high gloss.

2015 mini countryman wheels

Updated Wheels for the Countryman and Paceman

MINI is introducing a new set of wheels for 2015 a standard 17″ design. The new 17” 5-Star Triangle Spoke Silver (2E6) will be offering is also offered in silver and Anthracite color for an extra $100 charge. MINI USA will also now offer the 19” Y- Spoke wheel (2LT) for $1,750 on Countryman, previously only available on the Paceman.

Gone our the 2GP and 2GW, the 17” 5-Star double spoke wheels to make room for 2E6 and 2E7.

mini yours wheel

Updated Wheels for the F56 Cooper and Cooper S

MINI Yours is introducing the 2-tone (2EE) wheel. It’s either a 17″ or 18″ (we’re still confirming) and will be priced at $2,000 for the Cooper and $1,500 for the Cooper S.

We’ll have more on the 2015 model year throughout the next week.

  • Jgh548

    What about the Roadster? Any changes?

  • JamesN

    Surely with the 5-nut design, logic dictates that the larger 17-18″ wheels on the F56 should be interchangeable with the R6X models? It would be nice to see this done as a factory option (though unlikely) but does anyone have any thoughts on which wheels they’d swap out as aftermarket?

    • Jason

      The F56 is 5×112, the R series are 5×120

  • Pete Mitchell

    The bulletin is so two weeks ago

    • Guest

      What’s your problem?

      • Pete Mitchell

        The bulletin. Two weeks ago. So.

    • John

      Not everyone constantly looks around for MINI news and has other things to do, MF might have presented the information from “two weeks ago” but not all of us have seen it so it doesn’t mean they should not post it.

      • Pete Mitchell

        the bulletin is old news

    • payas

      they’re often late on spy shots and whatnot lately. idk, motoringfile used to be first on the scene for that stuff. some british website had spyshots of the 5 door f56 and i was wondering why they didnt have those shots here. this was a couple weeks ago

      • We had that – in fact the only shot out there with all three F54,F55 and F56. However we didn’t have $1000 to buy and post the endless alt photos and the spy photo industry will now sue if you republish anything.

        And if you’d like to post the bulletin the second it comes out feel free to do so via the contact form.

  • TurbochargedChili

    It’s funny that the MINI One had the black trim pieces that they now are charging extra for.

    • FWIW those are different trim pieces.

      • TurbochargedChili

        What are you talking about them being different? Yes, the One and Countryman are different models, but MINI used the black trim to make the One look cheaper than the other models, and because it costs less to make a black trim than chrome plating plastic.

        • They are completely different.

        • wetwolf

          A question for those in the know, are these trim piece coated with a anti-scratch coating? They should for the money. Without it, they will look like my A-pillar covers after a while. Plastic polish will be a must.

        • RacerX

          MINI One models feature MATTE black horizontal grille slats and rear tailgate handles to differentiate the model from the Cooper (painted silver or chrome) and Cooper S (black mesh/piano black or chrome) models. The Piano Black trim now available on the R6X models changes out the side scuttles, roof rails, front headlamp trim rings and rear tail lamp trim rings – none of which are black or included on the MINI One.


        • TurbochargedChili

          I understand that they are different, but they are both black plastic pieces, which are cheaper to produce than the standard chrome plated pieces fitted on S models.

        • RacerX

          I am honestly not trying to give you a hard time, but they are not just black trim pieces. They are “piano black” trim, like the “upgrade” interior trim pieces. They have a highly polished mirror finish that has traditionally been a luxury touch from makers like Rolls Royce. The British know that Piano Black is higher than chrome in the “trim hierarchy”. The rankings are (from lowest to highest): Matte Black, Satin Silver, Polished Chrome, Piano Black. They are not cheaper to produce, hence the extra cost.

        • TurbochargedChili

          I hate to tell you but Mazda has been using this so called “hierarchical” piano black trim in their cars for years. My MINI has it on the interior. I most definitely wouldn’t pay extra for it, but the car came like that from the factory.

        • RacerX

          Hate is an awful word.

          But essentially you did pay for your MINI’s Piano Black interior trim, as it has never been standard on any MINI model. It is a $250 stand alone option, or included as part of the $1000 leather/cloth interior package, included as part of the $1500 leather interior package, included as part of the $2000 leather lounge interior package and included as part of any of the special editions (which command a $2750 – $4500 premium).

        • MJCW

          I believe the Piano Black in my ’09 JCW was standard (?) It looks good, but it does scratch easily.

        • RacerX

          Since Rolls Royce charges $2,250.00 for Piano Black Veneers, the $250 MINI option is a bargain (and included with leather interiors!).

        • r.burns

          Buy a Mazda and goodbye

  • Head Honcho

    What happened to the warranty article. That got pulled quick with everyone hating on MINI.

  • James

    I really wish they would bring back Chili Red.