MINI USA Sales Down 3.6% for May

With the F56 still ramping up MINI USA sales are down as expected for the month of May. The good news here (also as expected) is that MINI USA had another record month of used inventory. Basically there aren’t enough new cars for sale so customers are buying CPO MINIs. Full chart after the break.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 3.56.59 PM

Official Release: For May, MINI USA reported sales of 5,729 automobiles, a decrease of 3.6 percent from the 5,944 sold in the same month a year ago. (The new MINI Hardtop is now fully available nationwide.) Year-to-date, MINI USA reported a sales total of 18,776 automobiles, a decrease of 27.2 percent from the 25,785 automobiles sold in the first five months of 2013.

MINI Pre-Owned Vehicles – Best Month Ever

In May, MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned and pre-owned) reported sales of 2,282 automobiles, an increase of 16.2 percent from the 1,964 sold in May, 2013. Year-to-date, MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned) reported sales of 10,415 automobiles, an increase of 23.3 percent from the 8,447 automobiles sold in the same five months of 2013.

  • s

    Um, the increase in CPO is probably not due to the lack of new vehicles. It’s because people (myself included) are trying all they can to get hold of a 2013 or earlier to avoid the F(ugly)56 or switching brands.

  • MidnightBlackR58

    My local dealership is stocked full of them, as is every other one I’ve seen in the Bay Area, and down in SoCal. I don’t think it has anything to do with the sales “ramp up”, but more to do with how crappy the new car drives, and looks. It’s a disgrace to the MINI brand. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Evan

    As a proud R50 owner (2004 Cooper with 105k miles) and having driven the R56 Cooper often (my dad has a 2009 with 120k miles), I have to wonder about the critiques on how the F56 drives. I went and drove manual F56s, first the Cooper and then the S. I have to say that the F56 chassis is superb with far better steering feel/feedback than the R56. I still love the weight of my R50 however they are no longer building that model. The Cooper’s engine and acceleration is wonderful. As quick as my E91 328i. My only critique was a light clutch. The Cooper S did not feel notably quicker in around town driving and felt more “mature” than the standard Cooper. The larger 16″ tires compared to the 15″ really helped with initial turn in.

    The interior is light years better- both in design and especially quality. I do wish the tachometer was center stage with a digital speed readout- the upcoming all digital display may remedy this. The exterior is very nice. Yes- the front is notably larger and worse from some angles versus very MINI from others. Knowing the criteria driving euro car design right now, they did a good job.

    So, it doesn’t have that initial charm of the R50 that made many MINI faithful become so instantly attached, but it is a full-on MINI and much better than the R56. I can’t wait for the F55 and the F54. Sales will be excellent with both of them added.

    • James Hawthorne

      You must’ve driven a different F56 than I or a lot of others drove. The steering feel is non-existent. It’s also super light. I don’t know what you think is better about the chassis, as it has a lot more roll, and feels like a Toyota Yaris. Nothing about the new car was an improvement. Somebody posted a link to a video of a standing mile for the f56 S. It was slower than the “first gen” R56 S, and much slower than the refreshed R56 S. I’ve checked into this further and have seen the same thing on other videos of the F56 vs R56. Yes, the base model’s engine is much better than the old non-turbo engine, but the S is missing a lot of the R56’s instantaneous boost, and top end. I think this new car will have a hard time finding as many buyers. The 5-door model will obviously bring people in, but I think if it was just F56 vs R56, and there wasn’t a 5-door model available, the R56’s sales are going to crush the F56.

    • Mark

      Hi Evan, Agree with most of what you said here. Big fan of both the steering feel and the overall handling of the F(reaking awesome)56. Acceleration was more powerful than I expected going into the drive. Also enjoyed the Dynamic Damping as it was great to be able to flick to sport to enjoy some lively driving, but also being able to switch to normal modes for well… normal driving (a nice bonus on our potholed roads).

      Hopefully the initial delays are sorted out so that we’ll start getting a more consistent look at sales over the next couple months.

    • Jason

      I’m in the camp that sales are down because the car simply isn’t compelling. Is it bad that I’m glad? I want Mini to listen to its core (us!).

      My dad has a 2003 R53, and I have an 2007 R56. I love Mini families! Evan, who bought first – you or dad? I loved my dad’s so much, I bought the R56 the minute it landed at the dealership – couldn’t even wait for my custom-order to arrive.

      I just drove the F56 – but only the Cooper. In the “S”, I feel a 2.0T is overkill in a car this size (and yes, i know it’s heavier, which i despise). If an engine is going to be overkill, the “S” as tuned is totally under-performing. I LOVED the turbo 3 in the non-S. I hate hate hate the fake engine and exhaust noise coming from the trunk… it’s just silly and doesn’t even sound convincing. The steering feel was numb and light – worse than my R56. The car leans in turns – but gets the job done. It just lacks the flat, whip-it-around-sharp turns security/feel. Probably due to the additional weight. It drove well. It’s a good car, no doubt, especially with the new interior. But it just doesn’t feel like an improvement in driving dynamics.

      Getting back into my R56 was exciting. And drove oh-so-good. And the exterior – although not as well-proportioned as an R50, has four wheels slammed at the corners like a proper Mini, unlike the F56. And my blah interior creaked and rattled and banged, but I was smiling the whole time.

      Truth is, I’ve dropped $4,000 into my N14 due to failing parts over the last year. And a year ago, the clutch (which is a wear-and-tear item, like brake pads, so I knew it was coming eventually) cost me $2500 – even though some or all of it should have been covered under my “extended maintenance plan”. Dealerships are scumbags in SoCal. I’ll keep my R56 for a bit longer, and rid myself of it only because I can’t bear any more repairs – it just kills me.

      Such a bummer, I wish the F56 was something more, something to keep me with Mini. I feel the future models are all downhill from here, unless they can make the Rocketman concept a a revival of the R50 :). Fingers crossed!

    • AMS

      I have not driven the F56 and so have no opinion on it’s merits, but I sat in one last weekend, mostly because I wanted to see the new and improved interior in person.

      I was underwhelmed.

      The plastics didn’t seem like much of an upgrade over the R5X and the dash was certainly cheaper looking and feeling than the Mini Yours leather one I have in my R59.

  • torpeau

    Never considered buying a MINI until the F56 came out. Very pleased w/ my MCS.