MINI USA Prices the new MINI Five Door

The highly anticipated five door MINI is here and the US pricing is a bit lower than we had originally expected. Basically MINI is giving you two extra doors and a healthy amount of extra space for $1000 more than the standard three door F56 hatch. That price penalty almost $500 less than the historical difference between the hatch and the Clubman which closely mirrors the size of the new five door.

Pricing after the break.

  • MINI Cooper Five Door / *$21,450
  • MINI Cooper S Five Door / *$25,100

* Pricing does not include $850 Destination & Handling.

  • John

    Very glad to hear they didn’t put a premium on this. Sounds like a good price point.

  • Kev50027

    Quick! Kill it before it lays eggs!!

    • r_k_w

      Too late. I’m not a fan, but I expect it to become MINI’s best selling model.

  • Nick Dawson

    The lower price differential of F55 v F56 compared to R55 v R56 is simply explained by the fact that F55 was cheaper to engineer and is cheaper to make than R55.

  • RKCA1

    Still hate that stupid fuel gauge.

    • James Hawthorne

      And the fish mouth, framed doors, soft suspension, and weak sounding engine.

      • Henry Wu

        Among MINI enthusiasts… I wonder what % of those owners will upgrade the suspension and exhaust… I’d be willing to bet that % is pretty damn high. I, for one, can’t wait to see the F56 run laps around the R56 and R53.

  • Evan

    I think this is our next MINI. We really need a second car for commuting. My wife was thinking R60 but with the F56 driving very well (much better than R56 and close to R50) plus the incredibly better interior and that funky, quick 3-cylinder, I think we’ll get the F55. Much better gas mileage than an R60 with easy access back doors for the kids when needed and extra 2″ in rear leg room makes it a viable option. We’ll still have the E91 for longer family excursions anyways.

    I was thinking $500-$1000 premium. So this in line. Thanks MF!

    • James Hawthorne

      I wouldn’t call the 1.5 or 2.0 engines quick by any means

  • Guest

    I really like those wheels. Any chance we’ll see those as MY2015 option for the F56?

    • Guest

      Oops—I’m referring to the wheels on the all deep blue one.

      • I believe those are the MINI Yours 18″ wheels we wrote about last week in the MY15 updates.

        • Guest

          Thanks. I missed that – reading comprehension, doh – thought they were Countryman/Paceman. 2K on Cooper, I’ll likely need to admire from afar.