Lego Announces Classic Mini Cooper Kit

Get your credit cards ready. Lego has announced a full classic Mini Cooper kit coming August 1 2014. The kit retails for $100 and will be sold at online and in-stores. Check out a hands-on look after the break.

  • sugurunishioka

    And boom. It has a spare tire that the BMW MINIs don’t have. XD

    • Easy, now. R50’s are quite sensible in this way.

    • MikeUK

      A spare that I always took out or left upright. I got tail-ended many years ago whilst waiting in a queue. The impact blew both fuel caps off (I never found them!) but the spare tyre pushed the back seat bulkhead forwards a foot, which would have killed anyone in the back.

      Nowadays I’m glad not to have a spare that transfers the impact forwards.

  • Chris Bamford

    love it

  • Pete Mitchell

    old news

    • Scott Eaves

      Then just stay away if everything you read is old news.

      • Pete Mitchell

        it’s not my fault i am awesome

  • Brian D

    Kind of a tie between this and the ecto 1 from Ghostbusters. Its kind of a fun year for Lego Fanatics.

    • anonymous

      And the Time Machine DeLorean from Back to the Future!

  • warrencheswick

    $100 seems like a lot. The Delorean is $35

    • Scott Eaves

      Delorean has 401 pieces. Mini Cooper has 1077 pieces. That accounts for at least part of the price difference.