(Last Day!) Contest: Wanna Join the MotoringFile Team? Be the First #MotoringTern

Update – Thanks to all you who’ve entered our MotoringTern contest thus far. Given that creativity on Instagram goes up during the weekend, we’re extending the contest through Sunday night.

MotoringFile + Intern = MotoringTern. Yup – it’s exactly what you think it is. After ten years we at MF have decided to grow the family by offering one intern spot to the most knowledgable, articulate and responsible (yes it had to be said) MINI fanatic out there.

So if you love MINIs, can write well, navigate technology and social media with your eyes closed than this gig is for you.

Since we’re not quite yet Road and Track this in’t a paid internship. But what you do get feels pretty worthy to us:

  • Being part of MotoringFile (MF tattoo optional)
  • MotoringFile email address (impress your friends and scare your dealer’s service department)
  • Potential access to aftermarket stuff for reviews
  • MINI event celebrity status
  • Press access to auto shows (thumb drives – lots of them)

How do you become a MotoringTern you ask? Great question! Lets go over the rules of THE #MOTORINGTERN CONTEST.

First step will involve Instagram. The second involves you writing an article for the site. Here are the official rules:

Step 1: Show us an example of why you love MINI. Maybe it’s a particular part of your MINI. Maybe it’s MINI in general. Either way you’ll Instagram a pic or video, cleverly caption the hell out of it and hashtag #motoringtern by Friday, June 13, 5PM CST. We’ll pick the top 3 from Instagram and move onto the 2nd round. But just a heads-up, if you don’t hashtag it properly, we won’t find it.

Step 2: Now it’s time to write. You’ll write an original MINI related article and send it in. One winner will be chosen and their post will be featured on MF – naturally their winning entry.

Social media wizardry aside, the winner has to possess a mean set of writing chops. And be responsible enough to make deadlines and not accidentally tweet their hatred of people who wear socks with sandals on the official MF twitter account.

So get started. You have until end of the day, Friday the 13th of June.

  • jamesn

    Would you potentially be looking for a UK based young classic and new mini enthusiast to broaden MF’s international appeal to Mini’s homeland?

  • Henry Wu

    I’d totally jump on this opportunity if it wasn’t for the conflict of interest. Awesome opportunity!

  • MotoringTern

    “So if you love MINIs, can write well, navigate technology and social media with your eyes closed than this gig is for you.”

    Than this gig is for you, eh? Just get an editor instead.

  • charlie

    Hire me ~ I work for a dealership for 13 years from 2002 and sold ever model and now the cars inside and out also have owned 6 MINIs . ask nathan about me cheers!

  • According to the MF Instagram account three pictures were chosen over the course of the past four days with the [last] being chosen this (Wednesday) afternoon. Assuming there will be a deadline for an article to be submitted, when will this date be posted? Cheers.

  • Advice

    Sounds like someone wants free help and makes it sound interesting. All you’re getting is an invite or two to a car event, and as he said POTENTIALLY some aftermarket parts. Yeah, great gig!

    When the site is dying, you do anything possible to keep it alive. Quit your job Gabe and work on MF more.

    • Well whatever you do, don’t quit YOUR day job. Not much money in terrible, unsolicited advice by anonymous internet commenters with nothing to offer but their own jaded cynicism.