MINI’s Record Long Jump Attempt Goes Awry

The idea was simple – best the Tanner Foust’s 332 foot jump with a 360 foot jump in a bespoke 1,000 hp MINI Countryman. However things did’t necessarily end well for French rally driver Guerlain Chicherit and MINI. Lucky for him he was able to escape without serious injury. Lucky for us everything has been captured thanks to about a dozen GoPro cams and turned into a 12 minute documentary. Check it out after the break.

  • b-

    Too much power! That is why race cars have roll cages! Jump to 7:07 for the actual jump footage.

  • robble

    considering how it could have turned out, I’d say that ended pretty well. You can also be sure there will be a magnitude more viewers now than if he had landed perfectly.

  • Curious, if at the point his front wheels touched, whether he broke the record or not?

    • karrock

      Guessing that a completed jump would have to include a safe landing. Layman to the calculations and physics behind it all, but wondering why it landed nose-first when all the other jumps leading up to it were just fine.

  • Kurtster

    Ouch! Glad he’s okay and I hope they break the record with a proper landing soon.