MINIUSA Eliminates Ordering Rules for the F56

When MINI flipped the switch on the F56 configurator they also unveiled a new set of rules put in place that required extra options. For instance if you wanted the 8.8″ or the 6.5″ screen you had to also order PDC and the rear camera. Likewise if you wanted comfort access you had to order the alarm system.

As of last week MINI USA has officially eliminated those requirements. Why did they exist in the first place? Based on what we know a lot of it was due to manufacturing at the plant and trying to stream-line production as the new model came on line.

Look for more options to hit the configurator in the fall as things like adaptive cruise get approved for the US market.

  • Jason

    Good for them. That was a horrible decision to start with.

  • Gwman

    Well, the original report made me order a 2014 before I was really ready because I didn’t want the extra $1500 in options. Now, they’ve reneged. Not happy about it for me though it’s probably a good thing for everyone else!

  • m

    Thank god! I hope I was partially responsible for this lol. I ended up leaving MINI after two cars as I’m not really a fan of the F56 and was on the fence. The 2015 ‘rules’ were the nail in the coffin for me and I wasn’t afraid to tell them exactly why I was leaving MINI. I still love MINI and hopefully will return with gen 4. I hope they never do this crap again.

  • CP3657197

    does anyone know what type of Nav System is MINI using, a DVD or HHD type?

    • HHD

      • cp3659179

        thank you Gabe. Navigation System XL will might be high on the list. yeah! yeah!