The F55 with JCW Aero-kit Spotted in Munich

Effectively replacing the Clubman in size and position in the line-up, the F55 five door will hit UK and European showrooms around August with US deliveries starting later this year. We have high expectations for the new five door. Combining the agility and improved feedback and feel of the F56 (as compared with the previous generation), the F55 will add a healthy dose of practicality to the range as well. But how does it look with the new JCW aerokit? This is our first chance to find out.


Of course this isn’t a full JCW model but the JCW aerokit that will be part of the JCW exterior pack that will be optional on all MINIs. Why confuse people and potentially dilute the JCW brand? Much like BMW M and the M Sport kits found on BMWs, JCW options such as the aero-kit generate profits directly for the sub-brand which in-turn helps to finance other perhaps more interesting projects.

Could a full F55 JCW be one of those projects? MINI has gone on record and said that they will limit JCW models to core body-styles. It’s unclear whether the F55 will be one of those. What we do know is that MINI will debut the F56 JCW hatch late this year with a public debut at Detroit in early January. Sales of that car should begin next spring.

Hat tip to John.

  • Gene Leeds

    lol really?

  • writewright

    Not my spot of tea!

  • scotteast

    Makes the front bumper look even more like a snow plow. Not a good thing…


    F5x… Now with even more Swiss cheese holes in its front and rear end! All of this can be had for… Thousands more.

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      • WTFMINI

        Dude who are you tripping on? Who has different names?

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  • mfeidler

    Oh Please! Why so darn ugly. Not the right direction for me. To each their own….

  • minicooperracer

    So Gabriel, you do not think this one will come in JCW? Love my R58 JCW for daily drive and track events. Truly miss the styling of my R53 checkmate and everything about it however I was looking at this in JCW form for long road trips. Just wanted to wait to see JCW power plant and then find a way to add tow hitch. I can deal with the looks, again, miss my R53 but if it has all the right stuff I can get past that.

    • Insideline

      I hope they change the styling before they ruin the entire MINI brand. Such a departure from the classy and timeless styling of the previous two generations. I believe the R56 and R53 could’ve been made for years to come without looking old. The R56 still looks newer and fresher than the F56.


    No side-skirts?

    • Jason

      Seriously what in the world? I was really looking forward to getting the side skirts.

  • bgrady413

    That is……. just awful…….. why? Look at the rear slope and the Sling Blade under bite. Well maybe the next generation will be better, this one is not for me, no sir.


    How bad do sales have to get before BMW/MINI management gets the fact that these new MIN’s are just plain ugly? I’ve posted this image before, but I’ll post it again. ’09 vs ’14. Improved? This design team was given a good baton, and then ran down a dark alley with it. Sure hope somebody gets the boot real soon…..

    • Jason

      Not that I disagree, but you’re comparing the JCW kit to the stock ’09 bumper. The JCW bumper from ’09 wipes the floor with the new JCW bumper.

      • r.burns

        And the scale is wrong ! F56 is much broader

      • MVJCW

        Yeah…. I may be wrong, but I think the JCW that was introduced here with all the red lipstick and the gaudy intakes is the new JCW. The ’09 (which I own), has classic, clean forms with “elements” of classic British sports cars like Austin-Healys and Aston Martins. The new JCW kit looks like this mess.

        • James D

          I like the new surprised goldfish look!

        • Jason

          The F56 grill design is much closer to the classic Mini than any of the newer generations.

        • MVJCW

          The grill on the original Mini was a simple rectangular chrome-plated grill with chrome plated slats. It looked right in that car. The R53 that Frank Stephensen designed was an evolution of the original, a more modern interpretation of the original car that maintained “the look and feel”, and yet met current regulations. It was universally acclaimed. The R56 maintained that form. Yes, the F56 grill is larger and more closely resembles that original form. But it’s broken up with that black horizontal “bumper” inside, and the chrome line above it ( wonder why the R53/R56 split the grill?). The proportions are “heavy, busy”. Then, on the S, they forced that air intake box with the nostrils at the bottom, a straight-edged add-on that looks completely out of place. And to top it off, on the JCW/Aero they added on more nostrils and openings. I guess this implies “high performance”, cooling the brakes, etc. Not one single European nor American car magazine has had anything good to say about this. Just because it is closer in form to the original doesn’t necessarily mean it can work with the form of the modern car. I agree with you, but I don’t think it’s as well executed here as it should be.

  • James D

    Love it!!!! Hahahahahahaha

  • Gary

    Probably the camera angle, but the tail pipes look like they’re a full two feet aft of the rear spoiler. I don’t hold out much hope for the straight-on side view of this package.

  • Kevin Bartlett

    The body kit I want is the Cooper Hood and front clip on an S car. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be available from the factory that way though.

    • lavardera

      Cross your fingers for a JCW Cooper that slots in between the S and the JCW S.

  • lavardera

    doors with window frames – do not want!

  • James D

    Is that a first generation M3 hiding behind it?

  • Herr26

    I was part of the convoy in an internal evaluation of upcoming MINI models. Along with the JCW package 5dr there was another Volcanic Orange 5dr as well as examples of the JCW 3dr , Cabrio and a disguised Clubman.

    Also there is a disguised X1 but if you look inside it has the current Countryman interior in a quality control non-existent environment but using the X1 body over the work-in progress Countryman chassis which shares its architecture with the excellent new SAV like X1 which brings much more space than before which will also be evident on the Countryman.

    What will not be available on the Countryman but on the X1 will be an extended Li model specially for the Chinese market. First prototype pictures are now available. Given the close proximity of the X1 and Countryman. Both X1 and Countryman could be manufactured also in China for local markets.

  • Mr Remi

    It just occurred to me that the design philosophies of the JCW and the Superleggera are completely at odds.

    The former aims to imply speed through a myriad of specialized facial features; the latter through refinement.

  • MisterRyan

    I hope this isn’t finalized. If so, I guess I will have to keep the standard.