The 2015 MINI Countryman: Official Specifications & Photo Gallery

The MINI Countryman has been a massive success for BMW and MINI since its release in 2011. For it’s forth year of production MINI is giving it the typical visual and mechanical refresh. However unlike MINI’s past refreshes, the Countryman has received what has to be the subtlest nip and tuck imaginable.

We’ve detailed the revised Countryman previously on MF (both in the official release and hands-on) but it’s worth revisiting here.

Mechanically there are no big changes to speak of. Instead it’s mostly cosmetic with three new colors, wheels, a slight update to the grille and a dark trim option. Additionally MINI is taking it’s R56 accessory LED headlights and making them a factory option (standard on the MCS and JCW) on the R60 complete with halo rings. The foglight portion is powered by by three LED units arranged horizontally at the centre of the cluster. The daytime driving light takes the form of a luminous ring fed by 15 LED units. When the parking lights are switched on, only five LED units are active in the upper third of the ring.

MINI has upped the power by 7 hp thanks to revised software but North America and other hot climate markets won’t be getting the revision.

Finally to answer to criticisms we and other reviewers have had, MINI has added more sound deadening material to reduce highway noise.

Despite the light revisions this is a car with plenty of details worth digging into. So with that said check out the official (and massive) release with plenty of technical details, specification and over 200 photos.

The 2015 MINI Countryman Full Details (Official PDF Release)

  • iancull

    Oh how I wish for a bit of editing! Article admits almost no changes, writes no words at all on what those changes might be, then hurls all 200 photos just to fill the net wires 🙁

  • WishMINIchangedBack

    US models don’t get the power bump, at Least not according to Too bad they couldn’t strike a deal with Peugeot to use the Peugeot tuned 270HP Prince engine from the RCZ R – that would make a fantastic engine for the JCW CM. I would actually rather see that engine in the F56 than the B48, but we can’t have it unfortunately.

    • MCSRallye

      BMW wouldn’t need a deal with Peugeot because they’ve already demo’d the Prince engine from the WRC Countryman could hit 450 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque without the WRC restrictor plates. Check out the MINI JCW RX if from ProDrive if you don’t believe me. You can even buy one if you’ve got $500,000 kicking around…

  • EHans

    What in the world is that chrome bar across the grill for?