The 2015 MINI Paceman: Official Specifications & Photos

Fresh off of the light refresh of the Countryman MINI has turned its attention to the Paceman. But lets cut straight to what you want to know. Every part of the Countryman’s refresh is seen in the Paceman (detailed below). New trim, colors, grille design and sound deadening. The only exception is that the Paceman doesn’t get the Countryman’s silver trim seen on the All4 model of the Countryman. The refreshed Paceman should hit showrooms in July or August depending on where you are in the world.

Click through for the very detail official release (PDF format) and a massive gallery of photos.

The 2015 MINI Paceman Details and Specifications (PDF)

  • R.O

    From me, the Paceman is a un-needed and useless model that MINI put out and a waste of time. Why get a Paceman when the entire complaint was that the Hardtop was too small and people wanted a bigger MINI with 4 doors (for improved rear seat access). Paceman doesn’t accomplish this as rear seat access is still challenging (due to only having 2 doors) and doesn’t handle like the Cooper Hardtop.

    • fishbert

      The Countryman is too cramped with its 4 doors; as a tall person with no kids, a single, longer door on each side is a significant selling point for the Paceman. It’s just too bad MINI chose to put such a large sticker on it.

    • Plus, it looks like a Pontiac Aztek, so…

      • FR

        I actually think the paceman looks great. Functionally it misses the mark though.

  • r_k_w

    MINI should have cut their losses short and terminate the model early.

    129 day inventory. That means on average, it sits on a dealer lot for over 4 months.

  • kmansley

    I don’t understand the negativity to the Paceman. I got mine early May last year and have loved it from day one. Much more practical than our 2009 hatch – which was a bucket load of fun too, but it’s just a little bit more butch than the hatch. Just returned from a trip to the Lake District (North West England) and it was perfect on the twisty roads up there, taught handling on corners and great brakes when faced with oncoming traffic. Was also great on the motorway back into London. Fridge and camping equipment all packed perfectly into the boot. Our friends who were with us were in a 5-door Audi A3 – the Paceman was much more accomplished than the Audi – and had bags more character. It always attracts admiring comments even if yesterday someone referred to it as a “tank” but did say they thought it looked awesome. I just don’t understand the Paceman haters. Just wind your necks in.

  • Geepers

    Most of the comments I hear from Mini and MINI fanatics that it doesn’t even look like a MINI. The Countryman and the Paceman are way too removed from basic iconic Mini styling. I read someplace that they are quitting these variants and replacing them with the new Clubman and Countryman anyhow. BMW seems to be hell bent on making as many variants as possible to appease as many buyers as possible. We have now have a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8 series as well as X, Z and M variants. But are they selling more cars or less of each? MINI seems to be heading the same way with the Cooper and John Cooper monikers. A bit like calling a model “limited edition” when production is “unlimited”.

  • 010101

    lot of people say the paceman is the ugly duckling of the lineup but they couldnt be more wrong. the countryman is the car they had to build to stay within relevancy at the time but the paceman should have been the real successor to the r56. it’s everything great about the hatchback but with a slight size increase. i personally think it looks amazing and it is an option for those who love the look of the range rover evoque (my favorite car under 50k). where mini messed up with this car is the pricing (no surprise there, as you could see this translated into the next generation of vehicles too). you’d think mini would have tons of money from all the repair bills the 1st generation had. my supercharger blew out right out of warranty less than 70,000 miles and cost me $1400 out of pocket (and that was the dealerships “good will price”, initially quoted me over $3000 and there were no new superchargers, only remanufactured ones. good riddance mini, you had potential but you sh*t the bucket. with your premium costs for a sub premium brand. a once ambitious venture turned quickly into a money greedy status quo.

  • Geepers

    @010101. The Supercharger is only a casing with a set of gears and bearings. To use the term “Blew” is a bit extreme. The unit has two oil reservoirs and needs checking and changing like all other gears that mesh and bearings that roll. Failure to check and service will always end in tears. Although not officially listed in MINI service manuals this unit, an Eaton, can be easily obtained from aftermarket parts sources. Goodwill is a sharing between parties – if you always go to your MINI dealer for servicing then you have a business relationship. The dealer is more likely to assist a known customer than a stranger. At some point of time you have to start paying for maintenance and getting a goodwill share at around half price seems fair. How the car is used and driven during that time is up to the driver’s style. BMWs “remanufactured” parts (official term RMFD) are commonly used in all warranty repairs. Some are even brand new units anyhow. As for “sh#$@% bucket” MINI continues to sell more cars to more people in more markets, in fact 2 million plus to date from limited production facilities. People vote with their check books and cash.

    • lol

      fair play at damage control, but we all see right through it

    • doyougetit

      MINI has become the Xbox One

    • r532006

      the fact of the matter is the supercharger is a part of the car that is never meant to be serviced just like the automatic transmission which my dealer (princeton nj) told me they dont even have the proper tools to do an at transmission flush on the aisin unit– do you believe that!?!?!

  • JIIN

    I agree with the ones liking the Paceman. I personally have a Countryman “S” All4, and have been a happy owner for 3 years now. It certainly took a while to really “get it”; meaning – figuring out just why Mini made it just like they did. But I have really grown into the snug and cozy cabin, the nimbleness of the size, the power of the engine and most of all – the cheer capability of the chassis. I have spent some days recently looking at a Paceman S All4, and I really like the drop down roof line and the rear section. When you sit inside it, it really feels even more special compared to the Countryman. However (and this is my biggest problem with the lineup, Paceman and Countryman) – I cannot find myself lining up with the Mini philosophy of “design rather than function” AND they are both way down on power. Both the Countryman and the Paceman need at least 250hp in the JCW version!!! Mini – what the he.. are you doing???? Wake up, or this part of the market will leave you in the dust….Such a shame; both the BMW 135, 235 the A-class AMG, Audi S3 and the Golf R is just destroying the Mini JCW brand values (if no serious grips are taken in a short period of time, and I mean months – not years). This is also why I think the Paceman is in a “niche doldrum” (for the time being). This is a car that should be positioned as a SAV drivers package, but it is not. It has both the chassis and structural rigidity (with less weight as well) compared to the Countryman to be positioned as such. Add more power, real JCW 4 piston brakes front and loose the design fake air inlets, real exterior and interior carbon (in the options list at least!!) and we could start seeing something that will position this car as the contender it should have been in the first place. Now it is just too little at a even pricier tag than the Coutryman – which is just ridiculous – and is sadly displayed as such in the sales statistics… ….and the lack of a serious dual clutch or 8/9 speed auto for the two cars – just needs to come soon too.