Auto Express Names the F56 MINI 2014 Car of the Year

With the new generation MINI, the F56, fully out in the market, more and more publications are getting their hands on the car and weighing in on how they think it compares to the models that came before it. Well UK car mag Auto Express seems to really like the new MINI. In fact, they’ve named the F56 their 2014 New Car of the Year:

The MINI is now in its third generation since its rebirth as a classy premium supermini in 2001, and it’s better than ever.

Like its predecessors, the new car has the cheeky looks, classy cabin and fun driving experience we’ve come to expect. But it combines this with a new found sophistication and an array of gadgets aimed at making you safer and more comfortable.

By taking advantage of the extensive technological know-how of parent firm BMW, MINI has been able give its baby a grown-up feel that’s unrivaled in the supermini class. For the first time ever, the British machine boasts the sort of comfort and refinement that makes light work of long motorway marathons. And the optional adaptive dampers smooth out bumps that would have sent shockwaves through the old car.

Congrats to MINI and you can read AE’s complete run-down here.

  • Seriously?

    BMW is really padding some wallets this year.

    • lawrothegreat

      Or it maybe it is a good car. If I was BMW and I could influence such a decision then I’d push the i3.

    • Jason

      Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • Karl

    Really tired of the worthless, negative stuff. Boy, if you don’t like the car move on, head on over to the VW or Subaru fan boy sites, and drool over their cars. You have to be delusional to keep coming over here, posting all this vitriol, and thinking MINI cares what you think. They put together a great car that will sell extremely well. End of story. Can’t wait to get a new JCW next year.

    • We all are.

      And just to serve notice – we’re marking as spam someone who uses the same IP to post multiple (at times simultaneous comments) under different names.

      We don’t mind opinions – clearly those of us who run the site have differing opinions. But a single person spamming the site with the same negative comments via different usernames will not be tolerated.


      I agree!!! Have had 2 MINIS…08 MCS, & current ’12 JCWCoupe. Will go for my 3rd… F55S 4 door late this year when it arrives on the US configurator later this year. Will be more practical (for me) than the Coupe, but will still be a fun drive…along with more tech, better mileage, and room for more luggage & golf clubs along with 2 more riders that have some rear seat legroom!!!….all in a ‘still’ small package!

  • MikeUK

    It must be a great car if it can tempt me away from my 2003 R53.

    I still believe the R53 has the perfect proportions for a small hatch which is why I’ve held on to it for so long. Like many others, I believe the new design doesn’t appear as simplistically stylish. Having seen one ‘in the flesh’ and taken it out for a test drive though, I’m reconsidering…

    Why not go for a Golf or Fiesta/Focus? Possibly on paper they are better in some areas, but I doubt I’d see many admiring glances. Those designs blend in with the rest of the VW/Ford fleet. I’d feel like an anonymous sheep. Hell, I’d even go for a Nissan Juke before one of them!

    • fishbert

      Woah! … Hey … a Juke?! … let’s not get crazy here!

      • MikeUK

        Well maybe not a Juke. Couldn’t get over people calling it a ‘Joke’.

  • JonPD

    Still the most interesting thing is that I live in a pretty huge MINI area and drive and work in an area that has a massive population of MINIs. Since the new car came out I have seen less than five total on the road. Get the feeling that the sales are still building but does not seem to be the same ratio of R56 based cars I saw on the road after they came out. Followed one though rush hour the other day and spent a lot of time looking at it from the side and behind. Try as I might still not loving the design personally, but sure it has a fan base.

    • Aurel

      I run around metro NYC all day .. and everywhere. By car or walking. Have seen ONE new MC on the road since the release. I do see an ver increasing number of Countryman’s however.


        Here in the Tampa area of Fl, I see nearly as many Countryman as I do the R56. But so far, haven’t seen an F56 on the road. As for the Paceman, now out for 1.5 years, I’ve only seen 2-3 on the road. Shame! I like its look & had even considered it being my next MINI, but the upcoming F55 redirected my attention.