The Classic Mini Lego Set Officially Launches

We brought you this news previously but today MINI officially takes the wraps off of the set in their official press release and photos. And if you’re wondering, yes this is 2014’s perfect holiday gift for the MINI fan.

Official Release: The creative use of space has always been its strength. Now the classic Mini is presented in an entirely new format. The LEGO Group is expanding the fleet of its product series Creator Expert to include the original from Great Britain. As of August 2014, a classic Mini will be available as a 1,077-part LEGO set, providing authentic building and driving fun for all fans of the popular LEGO bricks and the legendary small car.

The LEGO designers based their model on the last generation of the classic Mini Cooper built up to the year 2000, recreating its inimitable charisma in the colourful world of their model kits with painstaking attention to detail. When fully assembled, the car is 25 centimetres long, 14 centimetres wide and 11 centimetres high – thereby preserving the brand’s characteristic proportions. An unmistakable appearance is likewise ensured by the body in British Racing Green, the roof, exterior mirror caps and bonnet stripes in white, the checked pattern on the beige seats and the additional headlamps on the hexagonal radiator grille. The model’s wheels, bumpers, door hinges, headlamps and rear lights fully reflect the design of the original, too. There are also emblems on the rear side body sections to indicate that the LEGO replica is based on the Mini Cooper produced from August 1997 to July 1998 to mark the 40th anniversary of the classic Mini.

The doors, bonnet and tailgate of the Mini Cooper can be opened, providing a view of other precisely replicated details. The 4-cylinder engine is of course transversely mounted, the steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake handle, backrests and headrests are all movable and in the luggage compartment there is a fully packed picnic basket complete with a checked blanket.

Important points for authentic assembly: even in the form of a LEGO set, the small car classic is a genuine British specimen and has its steering wheel on the right-hand side and a yellow number plate at the rear. The kit also includes a spare wheel: this is kept in the bottom compartment of the boot to save space. As with most products of the Creator Expert series, the recommended age for the classic Mini LEGO set is “16+”: regardless of this, young and old alike can fulfil the dream of reconstructing their own original without tools or a driving licence.

  • Geepers

    OK but where can you buy them ?????

    • Jason

      If you signed up on lego’s website or store as a VIP, you can order it now online. Other wise, you can order them online August 1st or get them at lego stores/toys r us, etc after August 1st. If you order one now, you get a second mini lego mini for free!!

  • oldsbear

    So, you can’t order it now unless you’re a VIP, and you can’t become a VIP without ordering something else first? Such crap. Good-bye, Lego 🙁

    • Or you can buy it on Amazon when it’s released in a week.

      • oldsbear

        Hmmm… $145; expensive toy, isn’t it?

        • To each their own. I’m not buying one but then again I personally dot do models and collectables.

        • Nick Dawson

          Hold on, you’ve treated yourself to the long term ownership of a 1M, which is very collectible 🙂

        • Ha! Good point.

    • Jon

      Go ahead; switch over to Mega Bloks or Kre-O. You’ll be back…

    • Scott Eaves

      You don’t need to do anything to become a VIP.

  • other Jason

    If you talk real sweet to Lego Customer Service. They are more that happy to set up a VIP account for you.