Designer Conceptualizes a BMW Motorcycle Based on the MINI Superlaggera

Designer Tamás Jakus has combined two future BMW Group icons into one interesting conceptual design study. Dubbed the MINI Superlaggera Motorcycle, this design study in two motor forms combines the platform of the BMW R NineT with the aesthetics of the MINI Superlaggera concept MotoringFile readers should remember from a few weeks ago.

MINI Superlaggera Motorcycle

For you MINI fans who don’t follow what BMW Motorrad has been up to in the past 18 months, one of the most interesting new models BMW introduced during its 90th Anniversary year was the R NineT. Teased in 2012 as the “Boxer” concept, the R NineT is 1.2 L of naked muscle bike designed from the ground up for customization. BMW even offers a number of bolt-on interchangeable rear sub-frames that let owners reconfigure their R NineTs from one day to the next. Obviously, the custom scene has embraced the R NineT as the blank slate BMW intended and now more and more custom designs are seeing the light of day. So it makes sense that Tamás Jakus would gravitate toward the R NineT for his concept.

The mashup of these two machines is really compelling. Hopefully Jakus will work with a builder at some point and this concept would see the light of day. There’s nothing in the design that would make it particularly difficult to execute. Want to see more? Check out all of Jakus’ renderings over on Behance.

  • otter

    Wow, R Nine T looks so much better without the gold forks. Axe the rear fin and this thing, like the MINI Superlaggera, would be gorgeous.

  • b-

    Nathaniel, how much do you want this?

    • I want to build it more than I actually want to own it. It’d be a really fun process. In terms of actually owning a modern BMW, the R NineT would be redundant to my now elaborately customized Triumph Bonneville, so the R-series on my radar right now is the R 1200 RT sport touring bike. Thinking very seriously about that one, actually.

  • I like this, but I’m saving my pennies for the Lotus C01:

    • That thing looks amazing and un-rideable. The new bike from Ariel on the other hand…

  • Argh. It hurts that the Superlaggera isn’t a thing. I’d buy one with the flippin fin.