Ask MINI USA Product Manager Pat McKenna Anything

Later this week at MINI Takes the States we’ll be sitting down with with MINI USA Product Manager Pat McKenna and getting up to speed on all things MINI’s for the US market. So we’re opening it up to you. Have questions about the F56? Love the MINI Superlegera concept and want to it? How about suggestions for the current range? Diesels? Hybrids? Lets hear them all in the questions you want answered below.

Look for a follow-up Q&A late this week or early next.

  • MINI F1

    How about bringing back the white 15 inch wheels for the ’15 models. And when will dealers be taking orders for the ’15 F56?

    • Chilly

      ….. and will the underbite be removed from the ’15 MCS?

    • Phil

      You can already order a 2015 F56… I have one that is already built and on its way over

      • F56not4me

        You’ll be waiting for at least two more months due to MINI and EPA not agreeing on something.

  • oldsbear

    I would not buy an F56 because the sport seats dig into my bones. Is there an option coming with lumbar support, but less aggressive bolstering?

    • Chilly

      Can we get a cloth option for the standard/non-sport seats? One like those pictured in the MINIUSA gallery would be perfect.

      • fishbert

        Both of these questions are excellent!

        Some folks love the sport seats, but they are a deal-breaker for others. Would love a Q to McKenna about “you-ifying” the aggressively-bolstered sport seats away on the Cooper S.

        And those as-yet-vaporware cloth standards in the gallery look amazing, hope McKenna can confirm they will become orderable in the future.

  • RakSiam

    Any plans for a smaller MINI? The ever-increasing size of the hardtop is a turnoff for me.

  • Sam

    Does MINI have any future plans to add additional dealerships in the USA?

  • KPP

    2015 Clubman timeline please!?!?! Will the JCW clubman be released at the same time as the Cooper and Cooper S?


    When is the F55 4 door expected to hit the MINIUSA configurator & how soon after that could it show up at US dealers?

  • Movieboy

    Any chance that the white 18″ wheels will be available in the US?

  • Rick Green

    What’s Steve Smith really like?

  • David

    Pat, have you considered how many JCW sales you’re missing because of the repulsive chav orange add-ons? Please remember that less is often more and offer a subtle alternative that I could consider: such as all matt black, debadged but with a fine orange coachline.

    There’s nothing garish on an M3 so it can be done!

  • Autobahn

    How about improving the custom order process. The OwnerLink and ASK-MINI are so out of sync with the real status of production and shipping. In fact, they are not in sync with each other. Also, when my car was finished with production and stuck in Oxford awaiting for a missing part post-production, it took 5 weeks for someone to confirm to me that it was not on a ship. No one could ever tell me what part was actually backordered. Once my car was at the dealer, ASK-MINI still said my car was at the port awaiting a carrier in Southampton. OwnerLink was a few days behind, but more up to date. For the promise of a fulfilling process to track your car was quite a disappointment. In fact, all the videos in OwnerLink showing the process don’t even work. How about a live video showing my car going thru and more accurate and up to date statuses?

  • MINIontheMIND

    Hi MINI F1! Dealers have been able to order the 2015 F56 for a couple of weeks now. Let me know if I can help!

  • Glen

    Ask w/o him justifying MINI’s very expensive navigation with joystick etc. system, will Apple’s iPlay: (1) be made available for existing F56’s and soon F55’s with a software update; and (2) if not backwards compatible to new existing models, at what point will production support iPlay. Keep the focus on iPlay, please.

  • Glen

    Oops, I meant to say Apple’s CarPlay

  • F56Suggestions

    How about a different color choice for the black bar across the front bumper, less busy front fascia, a real hood scoop, an exhaust with more sound, no more fake engine noise, a LSD – must have, and a wider variety of interior colors. I miss the polar beige especially. A red wouldn’t be bad either. The major thing is making the S model actually feel like an S again. It’s been neutered. The other major thing – Cooper SD or JCW D – at least 190hp and 280lb-ft to go to bat with the GTD.

    • CarCrazed

      I agree with all of this!

  • CarCrazed

    When is MINI going to get truly competitive and “Premium” and finally offer Bluetooth Audio standard? I lose a lot of deals and disappoint sooooo many customers when they discover it requires $750 to get it! Let’s get premium with standard features beyond the driving dynamics please, this after all works well for Kia/Hyundai/Honda/Lexus etc…

    Oh, and does MINI want to compete with the Golf R and other even faster track Euro Hatches? If so, will the JCW be the car to finally beat the rest of offerings and get MINI back it’s trophy?

    • F56Suggestions

      If the new MINI drove like a GTI people would look past it, but the GTI drives infinitely sharper, faster, smoother, all the while coming in with STANDARD TOUCHSCREEN AUDIO, STANDARD BLUETOOTH AUDIO streaming, and STANDARD lack of underbite/fat bottom lip.

    • Womble

      It is standard in terms of telephone bluetooth but streaming can be included at a smaller cost if you tick the 6.5 inch screen visual boost option. A £240 option here and this also includes rear speakers.

      • F56suggestions

        In the US it’s $750. Honda Civic’s have standard backup cameras, VW JETTA’s do too, and they both have standard music streaming.

  • MiniMonger

    Any plans of ditching the perforated sunroof sun shield for a proper solid one?

    • Have you tried the new one in the F56. It’s almost entirely opaque.

      • MINIontheMIND

        The one on the F56 is amazing.

      • MiniMonger

        Thank goodness…That was the only thing holding back my decision to buy a Mini!

  • wantmymini

    Why are 2015 F56s being held at port of entry in the US and not released to carriers? My car has been held since July 23rd. Others I know of since July 21st and July 19th. No one has been told why.

    • F56Suggestions

      I honestly think it has to do with EPA rating. If you look on MINI’s website, they’ve remove the EPA estimates.

      • wantmymini

        I looked up the July EPA list and you’re right, 2015 hardtop is not on it. Cars are piling up at VDC. Just saw this AM that a ship supposed to offload in Brunswick is being sent to Jacksonville instead. What a mess. How does MINI sell and ship cars that can’t be legally sold? Sources have no projected release date.

    • mark

      I’d love to get an answer to this. Rumor is no 2015 f56 will be delivered until October. Not good.

      • wantmymini

        That is what my MA and Sales Manager told me today in a face-to-face meeting. All shipped 2015s are being held at VDC until October 1st unless something changes in the meantime. This is not going to be very good for MINI PR. Dealers were caught totally unaware too. This is a mess for everyone. The car carrier that should have been carrying my new MINI was offloading at the dealer when I went in for the meeting today – talk about adding insult to injury.

        • Honestly

          Probably because there is a mess of 2014’s that nobody wants.

  • Rob MacCaul

    More color choices in the upcoming models. Bring back some of the classic colors from years past. I know that Purple Haze would be a huge hit. Love the F56 and want to know if Apple’s Car Play will be an optional upgrade to existing owners. Let’s make Bluetooth Audio standard and bring Mini Connected apps into the dash. Forgo the Mini connected app on iOS. The iPhone/Android devices should allow for Internet connectivity, music streaming. No need to plug in device, just connect via Bluetooth.

    • Johnnie

      I would like a real Yellow again…not Orange Lava

    • MiniMonger

      I really dug Oxygen Blue

  • DuaneW

    When will diesel be available in F56 or F55? Which diesel, SD or cooper?

  • fishbert

    When will the speed-limit-sign-reading driver assist package be orderable in the US?

    • wantmymini

      It has been available since the 2015 price list was released. I ordered it on mine. Ordered June 24, completed production 7/4, sitting at VDC Brunswick since 7/23. I was skeptical about whether it would really be on the build, but it is listed on my VIN.

      • fishbert


  • VanMINI

    when are you going to peel the backing off that name decal?

  • Johnnie

    Will the new Clubman have a WHITE ROOF option


    Will all the F series be available in JCW levels as they reach the market. What kind of time lag will the JCW’s have reaching dealers after their respective base & S models get there? Gives us an example re the 2015 F56 at dealers & its JCW model availability….3 months, 6 months…longer wait? Would other models like the F55 have similar lags between their base/S & the JCW’s?

  • Brian Fee


  • Brian Fee

    When will MINI offer non runflat tires ? They are the one thing I don’t like about MINI. They are totally impractical.

  • Johan

    I realy wanted to see a better coror range in the paceman models, and a wood trim forr the dash, thanks

    • Johan

      Sorry it’s color range,

  • Guest

    hey, it was a question…

  • Ske


  • glangfor

    Yes, will there be a diesel offering, especially in the refreshed countryman? And while you are at it having it paired with a zf 8 speed would be ideal.

    • Nick Dawson

      The ZF 8HP is for longitudinal mounted engines only, in both rear-drive and four-wheel drive applications. The ZF HP9 is designed for transverse mounted engines, in both front-drive and four-wheel drive applications. Expect Countryman 2 to be the first recipient of the HP9.

      • There’s a good chance MINI will actually be using another 8 speed

        • Nick Dawson

          Do you mean other than ZF?

        • Yes. Not confirmed but I’d be shocked if MINI didn’t use the new Aisin 8 speed found in the BMW 2AT.

        • Nick Dawson

          Yes of course, both the 6 speed Aisin and 8 speed Aisin will be available in the AT.

        • Nick Dawson

          2-Series AT with three cylinder engines available with 6 speed automatic, AT with four cylinder engines available with 8-speed automatic.

    • Nick Dawson

      The ZF 8-speed is designed for longitudinal mounted engines only, whereas the ZF 9HP is designed for transverse mounted engines. Countryman 2 is expected to be the first MINI recipient of the 9HP.

  • F56suggestions

    Will you be able to use the 1.5T in place of the 2.0T in S models? The B38 doesn’t seem to have as much of a drop in power above 5000RPM. Compared to the N18 on every real world dyno test, the B48 actually pushes out less power and torque at all RPM. Why did BMW think that increasing the weight, no increase in power, and a softer suspension would help catapult the F56 into the limelight? Every US spec car tested has posted much slower performance times than the last entire generation of Cooper S (N14 and N18 engines both). Will a higher boost engine with more top end be available at the LCI, or are we stuck with the S model being a dull experience?

    • DE

      Can you let us know where you’re reading these test results?

  • wtwien

    Please explain why 2015 F56 are not being release due to EPA. Is true that we will not get our order not until October? Someone needs to be held accountable. In my business if that happen someone would need to answer questions with answers and I would need to do something to keep my customer happy!!!

    • Honestly

      You could always cancel your order for breach of contract and go buy a real performance car at your local VW dealership.

  • Eric

    How about more “You-if-ication” options for the R60 and R61? And a boot mat that fits properly!

  • Big Jim Swade

    How about expanding the dealer network in the Pacific North West? Sure could use a dealer in either Boise, Idaho, Spokane Wa. or Missoula Mt.

  • John

    Will there be an updated version of the MINI Roadster in 2015 with the new features added ?


    I just happened to check the MINI Euro Configurator & noticed that the F55 4 door is there. When was it put there? Is there any timetable as to when we here in the US can expect it to be on the MINIUSA site for a build? Or could the delay for the 2015 F56 to arrive US dealers also mean a delay for the F55 release here????

    • Nick Dawson

      The F55 Configurator has only just gone live in the UK. Despite this, UK MINI dealers started taking deposits for F55 even before F56 was officially launched, such has been the interest in F55.

  • Chilly

    Will we ever see answers to these questions?