MTTS 2014: The Final Day (w/Gallery)

For those that have been on the two week trek the finish line is both welcome and a little bittersweet. For those of us (me) who have just joined, it feels like a party. Either way there have been thousands of interesting MINIs and MINI owners to see and meet along the way.

Follow along with us as we post to Instagram and MF the sights of the final day of MTTS 2014.

  • mini

    Love how the silver trim doesn’t line up perfectly in the op photo with the door shut

    Quality #Craftsmanship

    • oldsbear

      It may indeed be off by a millimeter. It’s a piece of plastic; don’t lose sleep over it, please.

      • Karl

        Love how the haters keep coming back to Motoringfile to spew their nonsense. #Resist lowering myself to this person

        • oldsbear

          I always wonder if they are spoilers from other car makers, trying to hurt the MINI name, or what their agenda is.

        • nervous

          Like to be famous on the internet.

      • wedontallgot

        you accept your less than perfect car from the factory for $30,000 and you’re okay with getting less than what you paid for?

        • oldsbear

          Well, yes. Perfection is unattainable. I got a wonderful 2011 MCSm for $29,000. Was it perfect? No, it was merely great.

        • f56

          That should be the slogan for the 2015 F56

          “Perfect? No, merely great.”