Q&A with MINI USA Product Manager Chris Potgieter

During #mtts2014, we were able to speak with Chris Potgieter, MINIUSA Product Manager about questions that were submitted to Motoringfile as well as a few we had. As always, Chris was very forthcoming with details that he knew about and could speak about.

That includes:

  • Details on the forthcoming JCW exterior package (and the return of Chili Red)
  • Other JCW accessories and even info on the new tuning kit
  • A mention of touch-screens in future MINIs? It’s in there – not sure what it really means
  • Hints at forthcoming CarPlay integration
  • Update on new options available for 2015
  • Diesel updates
  • Timing on the F55 four door in the US

It’s worth listening to the entire thing after the break.

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    it doesn’t work it being the audio clip

    • Bizarrely it works on the flash player only. No idea why as we’ve tried multiple MP3 files. We’ve got our audio folks working on it.

  • MINIontheMIND


  • Hemisedan

    Good interview, but………..no hard questions on the front end design, or actually the lack of design. Also, no questions on the next FJCW’s. Is the F56 JCW due out in March of next year, is the show car from last January it, or are there some changes coming? Curious, that’s all.

    • I can’t speak for Todd, DB or Alex but it’s hardly the appropriate time or this the appropriate person to talk design. Especially with the F56 selling well and looking pretty successful this far. However I did ask Anders Warming design related question at the LA launch last year. You can find that elsewhere on MF.

      • David Bayliss

        It’s only selling well at the moment because it’s a new MINI – it wouldn’t matter what it looked like people would still buy it. Once the initial excitement has worn off though people will realise it’s one of the most ugly cars ever to hit the roads..


          If the new F56 was having poor sales you’re the type of person that would say that it’s because of its ugly looks. But since it’s selling well in these 1st several months, you say it’s because it’s new & people will eventually realize it’s ugly & not buy it. Either way, you’d look at the new F56 in a negative manner. But there are many out there that DO like it! It’s all subjective. Among all the cars out there, they all have their supporters as well as those that don’t like them. It’s obvious, you’re not an F56 fan. Just go elsewhere for your next set of wheels……

        • Pete Mitchell

          Don’t mind these R53 owners above. They are up to their usual shenanigans.

        • r.burns

          I love my R53 and I love the new F56. There is no contradiction.

        • David Bayliss

          I’m an R58 owner and have owned 14 MINIs

      • Gabe can speak for me in that instance 🙂


    When asked about the F55 arrival to the MINIUSA configurator or reaching USA dealers, nothing was given beyond the open ended answer of….after the UK timetables or toward later this year. We are already aware of that generalized timeline. Anything more specific since the F55 was put on the UK configurator over the past 7-10 days?

    An added question….can we expect the F55 to have just about the same standard & optional features that the 2015 F56 will have…inside & out? Will the JCW external options be available on both the F56 & F55 re the configurator this fall? As you can see, I’m really interested on any updated info on the F55.

    • Spike

      MINI UK have scheduled 6-10 October for a F55 Driving Experience which would suggest a late October UK launch of the F55 or early November.

    • We didn’t get more information regarding the release of the F55 to the US configurator but I wouldn’t be surprised if we obtain more details as we enter the fall season.

  • guy who can’t listen at work

    transcript would be awesome…