Video: Watch Tony Hawk Kick Off MTTS 2014

For those who missed MTTS 2014, the kick-off to this year’s epic cross-country journey was legendary skate board master (and MINI owner) Tony Hawk performing a half pipe jump stunt over MINIs. In this video, we get a flavor of the kick off event and some behind-the-scenes interviews with Tony and MINI USA team members:

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  • Geepers

    I believe Tony Hawk is no spring chicken, and he has made skateboarding a career with obvious monetary benefits, but I have to question what demographic audience MINI is trying to target with such sponsorship of such lifestyle events. It would be interesting to see the biggest age group of MINI buyers in some sort of analysis graph, not only in USA but other global markets. In most countries, people between 18 and 30 have huge debt from education and minimal savings, and cannot afford to buy a house let alone a new car. Yet MINI seems to target the youth market with these type of sponsorship activities. Can anyone provide any figures as to which age group is buying cars?

    • r.burns

      What about nostalgia ? we are a lot, Mini buyers or not, skateboarding when we were teenagers