Chief Motorer Challenges All MINI Owners

If you’re on Facebook you’ve seen people drenching themselves with buckets of ice water by taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Now MINI USA’s top dog, David Duncan, has extended the challenge to over 550,000 MINI owners.

The ALS Association has raised over $12 million so far, compared to $50,000 during the same period last year. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement.

If you have been under a rock and missed the #IceBucketChallenge, here’s how it works: Normally people taking the challenge pour a bucket of ice water over themselves and commit to donating to help cure ALS while challenging a few friends or family to follow suit. Vice President MINI of the Americas, David Duncan, posted a video explaining that MINI is always a bit different. Then he called out every MINI owner in the country to take the challenge, while in the video he and his MINI named Monte, are drenched in buckets of ice water.

Duncan finishes his video by saying, “Let’s show America that even though we drive a small car, we can do big things.”

Watch the video, then get your ice bucket ready. Post links to your challenge in the comments below.

  • iancull

    Motorer, please 🙂

  • fishbert

    Getting really sick of this “challenge”; buckets of ice water is so played out now. Everyone should switch to boiling water. That’s the reaction I’d like to see next.

  • mini

    I challenge David Duncan to acknowledge this stalling issue on the F56 Cooper

  • Geepers

    Hmmm… the CEO of Mini should know better… here are some nasty surprises:

    The Ice Water Challenge, where participants are doused with a bucket of ice cold water, is potentially fatal – even without alcohol, a doctor warns.

    Former neonatal paediatrician Dr Stephen Wealthall wants the social media game, aimed at raising money for charity, to stop before someone else dies.

    A man, 40, died on July 7 after going into cardiac arrest following the challenge, in which ice water was poured over his head before he drank a bottle of bourbon.

    But Dr Wealthall, who has studied the sudden exposure of the head and face to cold water, believed the man’s heart attack was likely triggered by the challenge and said alcohol was a distraction to the debate.

    “The throwing of cold water unexpectedly over the face and head is an extreme danger.”

    It invoked the airway protective reflex which closed the larynx, slowing the heart rate and causing a person to stop breathing, he said.

    “There is a chance that some people will react very badly and that someone will die, and it might not be immediately.”

    In most cases normal breathing resumed when the person re-emerged from the water but in rare situations it could cause an “inappropriate” reflex, known as the “diving reflex”.

  • stayindry

    Isn’t the water dumping supposed to represent the shame of NOT making a donation? Are we really publicizing that we are all not making donations? Or do we have a country full of lemmings making donations AND dumping water on their heads?

    Seriously, If you don’t donate then by all means post a video of you and a bucket and a good explanation of why I should donate when you are not. Otherwise just write a check for something you support and spare us the theatrics.