MINI USA Sales Down 17% for August

As 2015 MINI orders start to pile-up at the port due to EPA certification delays, we’re starting to see sales affected. For August, MINI USA reports 5,006 automobiles, a decrease of 16.9 percent from the 6,023 sold in the same month a year ago. Year-to-date, MINI USA reported a sales total of 34,969 automobiles, a decrease of 21.1 percent from the 44,329 automobiles sold in the first eight months of 2013.

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MINI Pre-Owned Vehicles – Best Month Ever

In August, MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned and pre-owned) reported sales of 2,561 automobiles, an increase of 17.4 percent from the 2,182 sold in August, 2013. Year-to-date, MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned) reported sales of 17,015 automobiles, an increase of 17.5 percent from the 14,480 automobiles sold in the first eight months of 2013.

  • Ken

    Stating the obvious, things have changed since 2001. Back then the MINI was a “premium” small car with little competition. Now, there are many small cars that border on premium, usually for less money. Not to mention the redesigned F56’s awkward design. Woops, I mentioned it!

    • “things have changed”

      In spades. I might sum it up by saying MINI’s moved from being different to saying they’re different.

      Chasing consumer surveys and automobile press affection like a single-minded dog going after a bone is leaving some of us behind. But, if the Countryman’s success is any indication of MINI’s future, the company’s going to be more than fine (F56’s botched-ish launch be damned).

  • Ray

    Well , Ken, Me thinks you’re spot on. What never gets said, though, is after 3 failed launches, oops, did I say that, The Mgr. gets a “promotion “. ( ” Maybe it wasn’t “) Corporate does take care of their own. Now, with no cars to sell for 2-3 months, The ” MOTORING ADVISORS ” ( thats what they like to call them ) will have a hard time feeding the family and paying the bills, so probably a lot of MINI sales talent are looking elsewhere for employment. Motor On !


    Check the 2014 F56 inventory of the dealer nearest you. MINI of Camarillo (CA) has 11 Cooper and 15 Cooper S models.