It’s been almost a year since the official release of the F56, but reviews continue to come out. This time, Autocar and CNET take a ride in the 2014 MINI One and Cooper respectively. Read on to find out what our colleagues have to say about these two models.

##Autocar: The One Feels Anything But Cheap##
While it doesn’t make much sense to compare the price of the One (i.e. $22K) to the starting price of the Cooper in the US (i.e. $20K) because of various economic factors (i.e. taxes, exchange rate), let’s appreciate for a short instant how lucky we are to have more powerful cars for “less” money. Overall Autocar is quite pleased with what the One has to offer for an entry-level MINI. The quality of the interior is better than ever and despite a 1.2 liter turbo engine, the new MINI has plenty of oomph for a city-car. The ride is shard, but the fuel efficiency falls short compared to what MINI advertises. The [full review](http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/mini/hatchback/first-drives/mini-one-uk-first-drive-review) is a short read.

##CNET: A Dynamic and Tech Forward MINI##
For some reason I always like video reviews better as it give me an opportunity to see what the journalist did with the car. Unsurprisingly, CNET’s Wayne Cunningham gives us a detailed overview of the technology packed in the cabin of the F56 and it appears that he just discovered the existence of MINI Connected. He also seems surprised to not find a CD reader in this new generation MINI. Interesting remark, from a tech journalist, in 2014. On the other hand, Wayne agrees with us on Harman Kardon (a must-have option) and the fuel efficiency (disappointing, still). Make sure to check out their [review](http://www.cnet.com/videos/2015-mini-cooper/).