The New MINI is Voted “Best-looking Car of 2014” in its Class

Official Release: On the market since spring 2014, the new MINI makes an instant impression – with its classic proportions, the typical three-way structure of its body, all-round greenhouse and roof, and a modern interpretation of hallmark brand design features. The new model, extended in length by some ten centimetres, has now been voted by readers of the automobile magazine “auto, motor und sport” as one of the best-looking new models on the German automotive market. With its powerfully expressive and distinctive design, the new MINI has not only impressed expert juries in important competitions, it has also left its mark on public perception.


Published in Stuttgart, the automobile magazine called on its readers to vote for “The best-looking cars of 2014” from among 94 vehicles in ten categories. 17,378 readers and online users took part this year. The new MINI finished first in the class of the so-called “minicars”, where it was up against seven new models of other brands. The vote count was legally certified by a notary.

“We at MINI Design are particularly proud to have won this award. Positive feedback from customers and fans is very encouraging to us in our day-to-day design work for the MINI brand,” explains Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design. “We very much look forward to pursuing this work further.”


The latest edition of the MINI features an evolutionary refinement in terms of design and an extensive upgrade of product substance that benefits its sporty, agile handling, ride comfort and efficiency as well as enhancing its unmistakable charisma, functionality and premium style. The additional sporty flair and efficiency achieved by means of new engines fitted with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology, likewise newly developed transmissions and extensive MINIMALISM technology is reflected in even more dynamic lines and strikingly shaped surfaces. The aerodynamic properties of the new MINI have also been further optimised as compared to the predecessor model.

Details with a particularly high-end finish and precisely drawn contours in the area of the headlamps, rear lights, turn indicator surrounds and other hallmark design features underscore the maturity of the latest MINI generation. In this way, the car’s high-end design has become a symbol of its superior level of technology, which includes options such as adjustable dampers and LED headlamps as well as a wide range of driver assistance systems such as the MINI Head-Up-Display and Driving Assistant.


  • Random

    Boy, does this make me happy. The vocal minority must be turning red with anger! “The MINI is so Ugly!!!!” right?

    • hemisedan

      Like it or not, when the R56 and a F56 come down the road from half a block away, you still can’t tell the difference much, same with the, oh so special R53. The silhouette from any distance until it’s right in front of you, they all look pretty much the same, especially to someone that doesn’t know much about MINI’s. And lets’ face it, the Mini group don’t like change. Guess we should go back to the card board interiors, AM only radios, wind up windows, no door locks, yup, maybe we should, that’ll make you all so happy.

      • TheCarExpert

        cardboard interiors (I assume you mean door panels).. fine with me

        AM radios – I am fine with that

        wind up windows – very cool

        no door locks – fine with me

        check, check, check, check

        • hemisedan

          Actually, I am too, however just how many MINI’s, or any other brand car, TODAY, could a car company sell without all these conveniences that we have gotten use to over the years. My 67 Valiant project car may have a nice sound system, but forget the power everything, except in the power department. I remember a lease car guy from our company saying once: We give you power door locks, then you will demand them, same for power windows and radios, then you will demand cruise. You know what? He was right.

  • r_k_w
    • hawaiinewsnowlover

      quite true. it’s hard for other cars to give a serious run against the MINIs good looks. They all look so boring next to it.

      That being said, yea, those were some hideous cars it was compared against.

    • fishbert

      That Toyota in slide 7 was trying so hard.

  • TheCarExpert

    I refuse to spell the car brand MINI and I do not trust anyone that spells the car brand that way but the modern Minis are so passe’

    • Spell it however you like but it’s trademarked in all caps. That was done specifically to differentiate the new company from the old.

      • TheCarExpert

        I refuse to do it and I do not trust anyone that spells it that way in an informal setting. oh.. and the “old” Mini in tons cooler than the “new” one. .

        • Great. Good luck with that.

        • Geepers

          Maybe you visited the wrong site. The “Mini” got it’s own MINI badge on the hood on the introduction of the Mark 3 Leyland in 1969! MINI is a brand not a model. A bit like BMW,VW and DAF trucks. Like it or lump it – the Auto und sport readers have voted!

    • Jason

      Well you’ll have to ignore pretty much everyone then, since it is officially spelled MINI in all caps.

  • Karl

    I was driving my 2009 JCW downtown today, and got behind a new MCS. I’ve really grown to like the new car. It took a little while, and I thought I’d never like the back brake lights, but I’ve come around, and I can’t wait to order a JCW next year.

    • hemisedan

      Hey, it’s great to read something positive on this site, for once. I’ve been having the same feelings as you, as of late. Those tail lights really stopped me at first, but then I look at my r59 tail lights in the dark, and well, maybe its better to be a little bigger. The Bullhead mouth still has me bothered at some angles, but 3/4’s front, well it’s growing on me. Plus, by the time the F56 JCW comes out, I think that that’ll, maybe not be fixed entirely, but won’t be so noticeable, especially in BRG ll, which is what I’ll be getting without all the red tape. It’ll grow on us, or just go to that plain jane looking GTI.

  • moddafockah

    f56 is an ugly and goofy car r56 = 50%elegance + 50%rage