Spotify Comes to MINI Connected

After a long wait the largest streaming service in the world is finally coming to MINI Connected. Joining Pandora, Tunein and Stitcher, Amazon Cloud Player, Deezer, Napster and Audible, Spotify is part of the MINI connected family of integrated apps that gives drivers a safe autmootive grade interface to control apps from their iOS and Android devices.

Official release: We all know that the new MINI rocks, but now there’s even more for music-loving MINI fans to be jazzed about with the introduction of Spotify to the brand’s roster of third-party App integration.

Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming service with over 20 million songs available to be transferred into personalized playlists. MINI drivers can now access this bank of tunes from their dashboard (via an App on their iPhone) opening up a whole new world of audio excitement on the move.

Simply download the free Spotify App from the Apple App Store, plug in your iPhone to the MINI Connected system, and then browse the massive musical archive by genre, artist, album and track. You can also check out the latest album artwork on screen and create your own bespoke playlists. No premium service subscription is required for in-car access.

The car must be fitted with the MINI Visual Boost Radio and MINI Connected or the MINI Media Pack. The integration of the App inside the vehicle’s operating system is handled through the customer’s Apple iPhone (minimum of iPhone 4s + iOS7).

This new MINI Connected-ready App once again demonstrates the seemingly limitless capabilities of the unique MINI infotainment system. With Apps developed by third-party providers and designed especially for use in the MINI, the range of Apps available is continually expanding.

Apps available now for MINI owners include a wide spectrum of services such as Go-Pro, JustPark, Glympse, AUPEO!, Stitcher, Deezer, Audible, Napster, TuneIn and the Amazon Cloud Player. Then there are the services built into the MINI Connected system such as a web radio and RSS news feeds as well as social media including Facebook, Twitter and foursquare. Online search and functions exclusive to MINI such as Driving Excitement, Mission Control, Dynamic Music and MINIMALISM are also available, as well as the new MINI Connected XL Journey Mate for interactive travel planning and support for Real Time Traffic Radar.

  • The Meal

    I want an application which allows me to move a driving route from my desktop to my onboard NAV.

    • You can do it with Google maps but it’s not easy. I agree this is a huge need. From desktop or app to car directions would be great.

      • thrillseeker

        How does one do it the hard way? If you don’t mind me asking.

      • The Meal

        I can’t do it from a desktop, but I can do it from my phone (which is pretty easy to set up when away from the car), using the Journey Mate XL iOS app which is now available for folks in the US. Pretty slick.

    • Glen

      It’s called Apple CarPlay. If only BMW/MINI would move on it, already.

  • MINI Connected is already working nicely with my iPhone 4. Also Spotify runs Ok on my iPhone 4 and iOS 7. I do not understand why iPhone 4s is now the required minimum for this setup.

    When is the update for Spotify supporting MINI Connected scheduled for? Or should it already work?

  • jcwcoupe

    Spotify works great. Now if I could only figure out why my iphone’s sound is so bad with the lighning Y cable I got from my dealer.

    The sound is fine if I use bluetooth / aux port. But if I use the Y cable the level coming out of my iphone 6 with ios8 seems to be distorted / too loud. Bass is overboosted, and when the music is turned up I get distortion.

    Anyone else have that issue?

    Oh and BTW spotify works well, it’s nice to be integrated, but unfortunately I can’t use it that way since I get all of that distortion. I’m going to try and swap the cable out at my dealer, but I’m guessing it’s not a hardware problem since bluetooth, and aux work fine.

    Gabe do you know anyone in mini that could speak to that issue with iphone 6 / ios8? On the forums at NAM I found another guy with the same issue.

    It’s almost as if apple is boosting the line level out of the ipod through the lightning doc connector.

    Unfortunately Mini connected, and the iphone don’t expose the settings to change the levels for that connection.

  • Eric W.

    What about Android Spotify?