EVO Races the MINI GP against MINI Challenge Race Cars

As a tribute to Best Motoring International, EVO UK has produced a thrilling and rather hilarious race between a 2006 GP, 2013 GP, R56 Challenge and F56 Challenge track cars. Click through to watch these seasoned drivers wrestle the most capable factory MINIs and MINI race cars around the Bedford Autodrome.

EVO provides some background to Best Motoring International,

“Best Motoring International is perhaps one of the greatest hidden secrets of automotive fun to be had on YouTube. From 1987 all the way up to 2011, Best Motoring produced video series that saw some of the best racing drivers in Japan battle it out in the iconic cars of the time.”

The MINI is one of the most iconic British automobiles which makes it the perfect make to re-imagine Best Motoring’s vision on UK soil.  It is rare to see street-legal MINIs race side by side with their Challenge big brothers yet the GPs hold their own well as R56 Challenge driver Richard Meaden remarks while trying to catch up to the GPs:

“These are *** fast for road cars, aren’t they! It took a surprising amount of time to catch the road cars.”

Although MINI aficionados often have a preference for the first, second or third generation cars, what was shared was a tremendous amount of laughter and mirth.  The F56 Challenge car is still undergoing shakedown testing and it will be exciting to see what changes occur before we see these in the MINI Challenge series.  Be sure to watch through to the dramatic finale.

Evo Recreates Iconic Best Motoring Video

Picture from Evo


  • nsbancroft

    That was great fun to watch!

  • other Jason

    We need a MINI Challenge Series in the States! ” If you build it, they will come”

    • iDavid27

      Sadly the MINI Challenge hasn’t worked out too well for MINI, cancelling or rebranding it in every country it was run – including Brazil where most of the cars were sent for scrap. In the UK it’s run by an independant company and therefore survived very well, although I understand they are getting support from MINI UK for this season.

  • Epic fun!

  • Gary

    Anyone else notice anything peculiar when they “looked” under the bonnet of the ’06 GP?

    • Brendan OConnor

      They mixed up the GP engine bays. Glad I wasn’t the only one to notice.