The Last Day to Order the MINI Coupe & Roadster Just Weeks Away

If you’re interested in a MINI Coupe and Roadster your last chance to order is coming up fast. More specifically we’ve been told that day will be approximately April 1st depending on your MINI dealer. Why should you order a Coupe or Roadster? Three reasons.

mini coupe

  1. The easy answer is that they are the modern MINI ethos distilled down to its core with the lowest center of gravity of any MINI.
  2. There may never be another MINI Roadster (despite us all voicing our love for the Superleggera) and there will surely never be another coupe.
  3. We’ve driven and owned a number of MINIs over the years. And nothing has captured our hearts like our 2012 MINI Roadster. And the Coupe wasn’t far behind after spending a week with a Black and Red JCW a couple years back.

MINI roadster

  • Nick Dawson

    This is probably not the best time to be investing in a new Coupé or Roadster, unless you want to lose a packet on depreciation. This is, however, a great time to buy a low mileage one owner example. Choose the right one, and you could enjoy a couple of years of fun motoring, and then sell it on without losing much money. Who knows, you might even get your money back.

    • fishbert

      Depreciation?! These are, for all intents and purposes, limited-run collectors items.

      • You might want to clarify your comment. The GPs were limited runs, but not the Coupe and the Roadster.

        • fishbert

          “for all intents and purposes” is an idiom conveying similarity … as in: they weren’t limited runs, but practically-speaking they were because MINI sold so few of them.

        • sugurunishioka

          It is true that one won’t know what will happen to those “limited” (read: didn’t sell well) models in the future. 😉 models in just a few years time (or much later).

          One example:

          Ducati made this 70s sport bike inspired models called Sport Classic. It had super hardcore riding position, typical Ducati quirks, was a a bit before hipster/cafe racer trend. It didn’t sell well and got canceled after just a few years of production. Just a few years later, Tron Legancy featured Sport Classic in it and people rediscovered this one forgotten model. Now because of short production run and low sales figure, they are very hard to find and often fetching more than the MSRP in used market.

          You’ll never know. If Superleggera turns out to be pure electric only, Roader will likely be the only BMW MINI with enthusiast oriented (petrol, manual gearbox, relatively low-tech options) two-seater setup for a long time if not forever.

      • Spa2k

        It won’t be a collector’s item for at least 20 years. That’s pretty much the standard in the collector car industry, except for extremely low-volume or high-priced cars (think Ford GT as the least pricey, recent example). It will depreciate like any other used car for at least 10 years and then level out for awhile before the price starts to climb.

        • fishbert

          and yet a Gen 1 GP from less than 10 years ago is pretty highly sought after, and has been for a while…

        • And can sadly be had for cheap

  • Spa2k

    Allocations are disappearing fast. Our local dealer had to go 4 states away to get one for a friend who ordered a Roadster last week.

    • Kathy Rick Talbot

      Hey…I know that guy too who ordered a R59 S ….heard it was just completed today (3/13//2015)…in Chili Red 😉

      • Eric Mauss

        My 2015 Chili Red R59S has left VDC and is on the way to my dealer. I should have it early next week. Highly anticipated. My long distance “comfort” car is my 2010 S550, but to get around town, this should be more fun than my old (and long gone) 1999 Boxster!

      • Kathy Rick Talbot

        ..and it just arrived at our local dealership yesterday….can’t wait to call it our own and drive it early next week!