World Premier: The 2015 F56 MINI 210 Challenge Edition

The new MINI is barely 18 months old, but it didn’t prevent MINI UK from releasing a special edition F56. To celebrate the Hardtop’s debut in the 2015 Challenge Series, MINI UK released a limited-run F56, the 210 Challenge Edition.

As far as exclusive goodies go, the 210 Challenge Edition comes with a number of them, including: the John Cooper Works pro tuning kit and exhaust, and a non-metallic greenish body paint color. According to Autocar journalist, Rory White, the extra-power is a welcome addition. However, the JCW exhaust is unsurprisingly the most exciting part of the package. White Roof Radio was actually the very first news outlet to test this exhaust last summer.

All in all, the 210 Challenge Edition appears to be a limited-run JCW-lite (i.e. only 210 of them will be available). And for a price tag of £29,990, we would recommend buying a standard F56 John Cooper Works with a couple of carefully chosen options. This model appears to be exclusive to the UK market, but we will make sure to let you know if it becomes available in the U.S.

Official Release: The MINI Challenge 210 Edition is a car with racing performance at its heart. It drives into showrooms this spring to celebrate the inclusion of the latest MINI Hatch lining up in the MINI Challenge race series. The new model isn’t just a special edition – it’s a limited edition. Just 210 will roll off the production line and bring together a MINI Cooper S with the best MINI options, tech and John Cooper Works pro tuning kit and exhaust


  • Carbon fiber bonnet air intake
  • Black Sport stripes, front and rear
  • Unique Challenge 210 black side stripes
  • Black additional LED headlights with black trim
  • Carbon fiber mirror covers
  • Sport pack with 18” Cup spoke alloy wheels
  • Sports rear bumper
  • Black rear light trim


  • Media Pack XL
  • MINI Head-Up Display
  • Rear parking sensors and reversing camera
  • MINI Yours Fiber Alloy Interior surface
  • Harman Kardon sound system
  • Cross punch leather upholstery
  • Heated seats
  • Variable Damper Control


  • Horsepower increased to 210
  • Peak torque of 300NM
  • Carbon fiber tail pipe finishers
  • Two exhaust modes – standard and track (Note: Track Exhaust mode (increases sound of car and is for use on race tracks only. The activation of ‘Track Exhaust Mode’ is not permitted on public roads in the UK).


Every MINI Challenge 210 Edition driver will receive a pair of MINI Festival tickets at Oulton Park, which includes a MINI Challenge race day.


Kicking off in April, the MINI Challenge race series tours the UK with a full season of multi-class structure races. Their aim is to make racing a MINI around a track affordable, fair and fun. For more information on the MINI Challenge Series head to

  • KLF23

    It might just be the lighting, but it doesn’t look ‘non-metallic greenish’ and other articles say it’s Moonwalk Grey Metallic:

    • Nick Dawson

      You are quite right, Moonwalk Grey is a metallic mid grey colour, and it is proving popular in Europe with customers who prefer their MINIs to have an understated look, in preference to some of the ‘look at me’ colours. Autocar chose Moonwalk Grey with a black roof (and no stripes!) for their long-term F56 Cooper, and it’s also the favourite colour for MINI’s design chief, Anders Warming, and it adorns his Cooper S – although he is said to openly crave a Cooper!

      • R.O.

        I like Moonwalk Grey too and thought about getting that color. In the end I chose Volcanic Orange with Blk Roof (mirrors my fav soccer team colors – lol). I’m glad I got VO but Moonwalk with Blk roof is very nice and would have been my second choice.

        • Nick Dawson

          Volcanic Orange is a great colour, and very similar to Bronze Yellow which was a big hit on 70’s MINI’s. BTW, statistically, yellow cars are least likely to be involved in accidents.

  • alessandrop80

    All the Dubstep in the world won’t get me excited for this one…

  • Ashley Wilson

    “The activation of ‘Track Exhaust Mode’ is not permitted on public roads in the UK.”

    Heh, I’m sure folks will abide by that!

  • Gary

    In that comparison photo, the camera angle and obvious differences in suspension set-up make the front of the bonnet on the 210 seem almost a foot higher!

  • lavardera

    Did they ever hook up the hood scoop to the plumbing in the F56?

  • -=gRaY rAvEn=-

    Figures….we in USA get a 4dr Carbon Edition version of this car, while this 2 door Challenge 210 is restricted to the UK….Hey MINI, not all the folks in USA want automatics/4 doors ya know !?!?!?!