The Last R59 MINI Roadsters Are Being Made As We Speak

Sources at the plant have confirmed that today will mark the end of production for the MINI Roadster (R59). The last batch of six will go down the line throughout the day marking the end of the Roadster’s production.

We don’t have tell you how much we’ve fallen for the Roadster over the years. In short it is the modern MINI ethos distilled down to its core with the lowest center of gravity of any MINI. We’ve driven and owned a number of MINIs over the years. And nothing has captured our hearts like our 2012 MINI JCW Roadster.

No word on the Coupe production schedule but expect it to finish up in the next few days.

  • John Cassidy

    Took delivery of a Lighting Blue JCW R59 on 4/15/15. It is even better than everything Motoringfile has described. Thank you Gabe.

    • Kathy Rick Talbot

      We expect to get our Chili Red R59 S later today (ordered it 2/24..our first MINI (following two MX-5 Miatas)).

  • hemisedan

    Good bye r59, it was a short ride, but you made a lot of people happy, including me. In my experience, the r59 brought back the quirkiness that everyone here talks about with the r53 series. If my r59 would have been a manual transmission, I’d be keeping it past my lease end date next Spring, but it’ll go. Being a two seater probably shortened the lifespan of this car, as well as the price, but it was/is worth it. I have gotten more looks from both old and young people on my trips with it. I’ll never forget the guy in Cheyenne, WY how asked if it was a Maserati or something. One more summer for me.

    • Gary

      Same experience here Bill. My R59 elicits the constant head turns and unsolicited positive comments that rekindle fond memories of the “early days” back in the previous decade when MINI was just starting to infiltrate the U.S., and finding one in the wild was a special treat.

  • Gary

    Glad I have one. It’s a keeper.

  • Bob Lavoie

    If I had been somewhat younger (2.5 months short of my 75th birthday), I might have held on to my 2012 JCW Coupe for its uniqueness, quirky looks, & great performance/handling. Everywhere I went, it attracted many looks & thumbs up, with questions like, ‘does the top come down?’ & I’ve never seen anything like it before.

    But I ‘moved on’ to my current 2015 F55S for more usability & practicality with some sadness to see the Coupe go. However, the positives, at least for me, that I see in the F55S, is keeping my interest strong in the brand!

    The Coupe, like the Roadster, being a very low sales model, even among the entire 3 range Coupe series which had low sales, could be sought after in years to come as a collectible. I wonder what the breakdown in U.S. sales have been since inception for the Coupe & Roadster….specifically among the base, S, & JCW models. Would guess the JCW accounted for less than 25% compared to the base & S segments.

  • Linda Wiedman

    Mine looks just like the one featured in your article, except for the interior Chili Red trim. Was thinking about selling her, but every time I motor in her I change my mind.

  • GoRixter

    One of the best looking MINIs ever, with the top down.

    • hemisedan

      What do you mean? Most of the time my top is up and I get more positive comments than I ever thought I would about a car. Only my 38 gets more comments. Top up or down, they look good.