MINI to Introduce JCW Package for F55 Five Door

MINI JCW tuning arm never had any intention of making a full-on JCW model for the F55 five door. However given sales of the new larger MINI, our sources are telling us that there will indeed be some JCW love towards the F55.

However those hoping for the full JCW treatment may be disappointed. Those familiar with the project have told MotoringFile that MINI’s limited JCW resources will go towards modifying the current F56 JCW accessories for the F55. From there individual countries (MINI USA included) will be offered a chance to put together a special edition F55 complete with JCW accessories. These sources have told us to expect this special edition to likely include a combination of the JCW exterior and interior packages along with the JCW engine kit (among other bits). This would give the F55 210 horsepower, a free-flow exhaust (complete with a trick bluetooth controlled baffle to add loudness) and the look via the JCW exterior and interior packages. By putting this together in a single package it gives MINI a chance to offer the options at a slightly lower price while making the marketing of it all easier.

When should we expect it? We don’t have any hard dates yet but we’d expect something in the next 12 months from MINI USA and other local markets around the world. In the meantime if you want an F55 with the JCW goodies just hold tight. The engine kit and other accessories should be coming later this year.

  • Rikki Loades

    You have been able to spec a JCW interior and exterior on the Cooper 5 door in the UK since its launch back in October last year. If this is not a full JCW model with the engine mods and custom interior options with seats then I’m not sure its any different. It sounds like Mini USA is just deciding to offer that Mini UK already offer.

    • MINI USA offers this too. On the contrary this will be a specific package that will include the JCW engine kit and will be installed at the port of entry into the United States. Look for a similar turn-key package with the engine kit for other markets.

      • Bob Lavoie

        Gabe…so here in the U.S. If one already has an F55S like I do for the past 4+ months, I could have the JCW engine/exhaust kit installed at my local dealer now? What kind of price would I be facing for that kit plus labor costs if I opted for that installation? Since the F55S already has 189 HP, would upping to 210 be worth the investment?….ie maybe $100-150 per each one HP plus labor costs?

        • Robert M

          Typically the JCW kit is about $2400 installed at the dealership. Most dealerships have it on their accessories website.

        • Robert M

          But it’s only for the F56 as of now.

        • It’ll be identical in cost to the F56 unit. However it’s not available yet.

      • robble

        “installed at the port of entry” is a big deal It becomes part of the MSRP and not an addon item. This affects how much banks are willing to lend, very much affects leases, and could affect insurance payout in a total loss situation.

  • John McLauchlan

    I believe Chris Potgieter confirmed that the F55 JCW 210 tuning kit was coming during your interview with him at the NAIAS earlier this year.

    MINI previously announced the JCW Pro brake kit will also be available as an after-sales accessory, so you can get pretty darn close to a full fledged F55 JCW.

  • Conor Hildebrandt

    We just sold a 5 door with a JCW Package. It sold instantly, people loved it!

  • R.O.

    A bit “off topic” but I saw a video on You Tube Channel from the Germany publication “Auto, Motor und Sport”. It was on the F55 – 5 door (One D) and the reviewer stated the reason MINI came out with a 5 door hardtop was due to feedback from customers, i.e. women who said they wanted easier access to the back seat/rear area – for putting their purse.

    I thought the reviewer was going to say for child seat, but no, it was to make it easier to put their purse in the back seat area.

    Video in German (comment at the 1:04 minute mark)

    • memphismini

      Hmmmm…Who are these “women”? I manage to fit two kids, a diaper bag and my purse in my R53 with no problem. And that is without the using boot. 😉

  • Brian Dallas

    Oh Gabe. You know the 2dr JCW does not offer the free flow ported exhaust. Currently only available as an after sales in the tuning kit.

    • Right. This “package” isn’t the factory JCW but the pieces I mentioned above.

  • Dave Jennings

    I’ve had the JCW Tuning kit installed since July and it’s been worth every penny!