The MINI Clubman is Coming – What Do You Want to Know?

This is the moment before the storm so to speak. We know that MINI will be debuting the Clubman in Berlin and at the Goodwood festival of speed soon. We also know that many of you are Clubman curious (as we call it) about the new four door MINI. While we’ve already told you everything we think you should know, we might have missed something. So the question to you is, what to you want to know?

Hit us up in the comments and we’ll answer accordingly.

  • lb

    Will the dash / interior be more like the concept or the spy shots?

    • ulrichd

      I am pretty sure that cost considerations dictate that it will be almost identical to the F55/56.

  • Nick Dawson

    See the attached ‘teaser’, and a spy shot of the Clubman with its barn doors open – note how small the Clubman appears parked next to the X6.

    • RacerX

      Since the tail lamp assembly is now part of the rear doors, I am assuming that the lights in the lower rear bumper become active as tail/brake lamps when the barn doors are open, like in the Audi Q3/5/7 models?

  • oldsbear

    Dimensions? Prices?

  • Kurtster

    Will there be a JCW version? Any limited / custom edition models planned? Any custom wheels exclusive to this model?

    Will the rear seats be more comfortable than the previous Clubman? Rear seating is currently a pretty rough ride.

    • robble

      rear seats are supposed to be better than countryman rear seats.

    • A high power and all wheel drive JCW version is being planned. We’ve reported about it in the past. Check the F54 section for details. Limited edition models will follow in a few years.


    Will the rear seats fold such that there is a truely flat cargo area like in current Clubman? It is the only MINI to date that has this. What is cargo area variance to current version, both with seats up and folded? What are exact exterior size measurments of it to current version?

    • RacerX

      While not nearly as big as the Clubman cargo area, it should be noted that all new F56 and F55 hardtop models have a completely flat load floor/cargo area if the optional “Storage Package” is ordered. It is also part of the Premium Package on 2015/2016 models.

      • LTLMCPE

        Not too familiar with the F models. But if it takes ordering an option pack then I take it the seats do not fold flat as in current Clubman, rather this package provides some extra floor cover to make a flat surface?

        • RacerX

          On the F5x models, the seats fold the exact same way as the Clubman. The only difference is that rear multi-fold rigid cargo cover (that makes the rear floor flat) in the Clubman is OPTIONAL on the F5x. Standard, you just get this deep well (much deeper than R56 models, but with the option pack you get to configure either: 1) A shallow covered well and uneven load floor or 2) A deeper covered well and a flat load floor. I keep mine in the upper (higher) position which enables me to keep plenty of items stored under the rigid cover out of sight and a FLAT load floor any time the seats are flopped forward. The rear most cargo area is a bit shallower, but still tall enough for a grocery bag to stand upright under the parcel cover. And I love that the rear seat backs are now 60/40 – so much more useful!

      • Mendel Tomas

        Great area also for an under cargo floor amp rack and subwoofer box if you want to go that route.

  • TheDreadPirate

    Can I fit 3 kids in the back?

  • SFRedMCc

    Is that Chili Red? I thought it was now only available w/ JCW package.

    • The Clubman will be offered with the JCW interior and exterior packages. A full JCW model is likely coming in about 18 months.

      • SFRedMCc

        The photo looks like Chili Red w/o a JCW Package?

  • DR61

    I am really interested in learning about the mechanical details of the plug-in AWD version.

  • Rbminiman

    Power seats w/memory.

  • Nick Dawson

    The following dimensions make interesting comparison:

    R60 Countryman L: 4097 mm (102.2 in) – W: 1789mm (70.4 in) F54 Clubman L: 4197mm (165.25in) – W: 1844mm (72.5 in) R55 Clubman L: 3937mm (155in) – W: 1683mm (66.3 in) F55 Hardtop 4-Dr L: 3982mm (156.75 in) – W: 1727mm (68 in) F56 Hardtop 2-Dr L: 3821mm (150.5 in) – W: 1727mm (68 in)