MF Petition: Let’s Bring Back The Rear Fog Lights!

Since we published the list of equipment changes for the 2016 Model Year, there’s been an on-going debate about rear fog lights. For those of you new to this, MINI USA has decided to remove the rear fog lights as an option starting with 2016 MINIs. We believe, like many of you, that this might not be the best decision.

While we have little details on how much it cost MINI USA to have this option on the configurator, it was taken down because it had one of the lowest take rates among all options available. The main reason for this low take rate is because more than 85% of MINIs on the road in the US are bought from the lot as opposed to being custom-ordered. And since dealers make more than questionable choices when it comes to configuring cars (Xenon headlights anyone?!), rear fog lights never make the cut.

This may have been avoided by better educating dealers, but in the end the NHSA should enforce this the way it is done in Europe. Honestly, not making rear fog lights as important as back-up cameras is borderline irresponsible. In the meantime, we want to preserve our safety and those of others on the road (e.g. deadly multi-vehicle crashes during the winter time).

So please, help us convince MINI USA to bring back the rear fog lights!

  • nervous

    I’m trying to get my head around this… so, because of European safety regulations, the MINI fans needs to suffer the “enhanced” bonnet. But, despite European safety regulations my boot is now in danger? Huh?

    • oldsbear

      Save the pedestrians, lose your boot 😉

    • Katherine

      I ordered my MY16 F56 Cooper S with rear fogs and they’re on the online configurator. It sounds like MINI USA is still offering them.

  • oldsbear

    When I configured my first MINI back in 2007, I had never heard of rear fog lights. Not knowing what they were, I omitted them from my options list. Later, at a MINI rally, the car in front of me was running rear fogs. They were impossible to miss. So I went on a rear fog light retrofit quest which cost me hundreds of dollars and a long trip. They had become that important to me — an essential safety feature. When I configured my 2011 MCSm, rear fogs were a priority. They should be available — or even standard equipment — even if they cost MINIUSA a few bucks.

  • Edmund

    Event though I have rear fog lights on my Mini, I haven’t used them a single time in the last six years. Most people who use them blind everybody else on the road because they are too bright. You are only supposed to use them in super dense fog (or snow).

    • nervous

      Yes, and the left lane is for passing only and use of this lane should be accompanied by a flashing of your lights – a signaling of safety and respect – not to be met with entitled aggression.

      I hope MINI North America doesn’t take away the high beam flash feature, too.

    • R.O.

      I live in an area where we have lots of Micro climates and it could be clear and then all of sudden heavy fog a mile later. The in SF area Summer time is our Fog time. Glad I have fogs (front and rear).

    • Well, you haven’t used the airbags either (hopefully), doesn’t mean to say they should be optional. Rear fogs saves lives, in heavy rain (as well as fog) they increase visibility considerably.

      • Edmund

        Please don’t use your rear fog light in the rain. That is a bad idea. It blinds the person behind you. Fog and snow, yes. Rain, no.

        • I disagree with snow, its far more reflective than rain. You can get a tan while out in the snow, snow blindness etc. Heavy–can’t see anything rain (not regular rain) is more appropriate.

        • Jamez

          Basic rain, No – Heavy rain, yes. During heavy rain on the highway the spray is so much that you’re unable to see the cars in front. The rear fog is just as effective as an F1 car’s in the spray like that. I look at it this way; If I can’t see the car in front of me due to the conditions, I turn my fog light on.

          (It’s also useful to blink to thank people/wave like the big rigs do)

  • Steve Wellen

    So we are in the 21st century and rear fog lamps aren’t mandatory in america? That does surprise me. Mind you plenty of drivers in the UK (and probably europe) don’t know when to use fog lamps despite the clue in the name.

    • MikeUK

      The indicator for rear fog lights should be quite prominent in the display and should need to be turned on each time you start the car. Invaluable as they are, so often people have them on a few days after a spell of fog. At least in the picture they’re low down, so don’t blind you when the idiot in front forgets to turn them off in slow moving traffic.

  • R.O.

    Alex you wrote: ” (Xenon headlights anyone?!)” Did you mean Halogen? For the F56/55 Xenon aren’t offered, only Halogen (standard) or LED.

    I have Halogen only because I rarely drive at night and I live in a large Metro area where streets and roadways are well lit. If I lived in the County or Suburbs I would have gotten the LED (even at $750 option).

    • That’s was a reference to the R series, which correspond to most of the MINIs on the road. Dealers never ordered Xenon headlights in their configs.

  • Mark H

    At least in Pennsylvania, it’s actually illegal to install rear fog lights unless they’re from the factory or at least an option. If they’re not an option in the US, then they can’t even be installed after purchase even though everything needed is available from the manufacturer for oversees markets.

    PA Code “Rear fog lamps, if originally installed or offered as optional equipment, are acceptable”

    • Adam Fay

      that’s absolutely rediculous

  • John L.

    While we’re discussing fog lights, lets get the front fog lights back on the new JCW Hardtop. I know the place where they’re mounted on the S is needed for air intake on the JCW, but there’s got to be a way to put them somewhere on the front of the JCW. BTW, my 2015 JCW Hardtop has rear fog lights.

  • We only have 68 signatures so far. Come on people!

  • MisterRyan

    I just put a deposit on my 2016 JCW HT, and it still has the availability of the rear fog lights for $100 as an option. However, they have yet to credit my card, and it was made before this was made official. I hope I don’t have to rebuild my MINI again. Because originally, it was a 2015, and my MA told me to rebuild because now I’m getting a 2016.

  • TheCarExpert

    That is one ugly back end of a car.. note to self: another superb observation.

    • one9deuce

      The above post has the following characteristics:

      • obvious
      • typical
      • mundane
      • not the last one (unfortunately)

      note to self: find way in Disqus to block TheCar”Expert”s constant spam posts of the F56

      • gbuff

        I’d much rather see the sport suspension come back, like, TODAY…..I want to order a Cooper and I really want the SS.

    • MisterRyan

      You are no “car expert” if you have to 1+ your own post.

  • Adam Fay

    sounds like BMW is deleting a piece of equipment to pad their bottom line in the US market again. Same thing happened on the BMW side a couple years ago when they deleted the rear fogs and then the tool kits and then even the spare tire kits and tools (jacks, etc) from their cars in the US.

    Rear fogs are an invaluable safety feature. I went as far as to buy the euro light switch for my ’11 X5d to reactivate the ‘missing’ rear fogs

  • hemisedan

    I’ve had fog lights on both of my MINIs and while I haven’t had to use them much, she I did I needed them. Like in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver this last Fall, in rain and fog at 5:30pm. The main reason that I got them in the first place, was to not have an empty toggle switch. I pointed this out to my MA, and Maria started specing out most of the Patrick spec Minis, especially the S and JCW versions. Now that she is at Knauz Mini, I don’t know if Patrick’s are doing that now. Although, I’m sure that the rear got light are meant for this, but they can be of use for tailgaters.

    • mnelson19

      One of the main reasons to get them is to have the toggle switch position filled. Does this mean that every U.S. Mini is going to have an empty toggle slot? Looks STUPID 😮

      • hemisedan

        On the R series that was the case. My MA had forgot to order them on her r59 JCW personal car. She had the (the rear fogs) added after the roadster came in. She told me, never again. Something like $1,000 to later, but she like me, didnt want any empty toggle switches.

      • Don Compton

        The fog light switch is not in the toggle area in the f56

  • I got these on my Coupe when i ordered and have been very glad to have them in some recent heavy rains and fog.. i know i’m not going to get rear ended.. hopefully..

  • hemisedan

    Hey all, finally got to test drive the new factory JCW from my local dealer. I can now understand why many are enthused about this car. The sound is fantastic, in my opinion, the power is there, though I still think it needs another 20 or so hp. I love much of what they did to the interior, the car that I drove had full leather, not the JCW sport seats for some reason. The automatic is quite an improvement over my r59 automatic transmission from 2013. Neat hearing the burgle when it shifts.

    Now the negative: Why did they bother with a tach, unless you are concentrating on it, you CAN’T see it, or at least very clearly. The analog speedometer sucks as well, again, not really clear. And of course, the MINI didn’t bother with rear fog lights on this one, either. This was a JCW that was spected by Miniusa and not an ordered one from the dealer. It’s also mainly just their demonstrator. The automatic transmission, while a great improvement is going to get many people into trouble, as it seems to want to drive at 85 mph or so. Unless you have the cruise on, you find yourself way above ticket writing levels, and not realizing it, even when you are in the manual position, maybe its just me. I still think a manual is the better transmission for this JCW.

    All in all, I have this one on my short list for next year, but I am also going to be cross shopping with the BMW 228i M-sport with track package. They’re not that far off price-wise, and you get rear wheel drive and hey, it’s half a second faster 0 to 60. Just thought that some here would be interested in an amateur’s short report on the new JCW. By the way, it didn’t feel big, as some have said, felt just about right.

  • Katherine

    I went to a dealer yesterday to ask about my F56 order and they said that rear fog lights can be ordered – they even showed me the screen to prove it. It sounds like MINI USA has already added them back into the option program weeks ago?

  • SM0R3S

    Why isn’t the Rear fog lights standard?

  • Robert M

    There are a lot of states where the rear fogs are illegal.

  • Eliot

    I’m a bit confused by the discussions here. I just configured a fully equipped 2016 JCW Hardtop. Rear fogs are an option. The sport suspension is available on the non JCW hardtops and comes on the JCW. But front fogs are not available. Given the size of those ridiculous air dams, there is certainly room for LED fogs to be offered, either in the dam or elsewhere. Yes, I know they would block some air, but those dams aren’t even needed for street use. Besides, they are more caves than dams. And maybe they wouldn’t look so much like airplane hangars if fogs were in them.