Would You Want a Self Parking MINI?

We’ve read about the feature and seen photos of it in action on BimmerFile. Now we get to see the 2016 7 Series do the seemingly impossible with its self parking function.

As with all technology that we see in larger BMWs we quickly begin to wonder about BMW’s rollout strategy for its smaller vehicles like the MINI. Would something like this make sense for a small car that’s relatively easy to park? Or does the size of car you have not matter when you’re parking in densely packed parking garages? More importantly, would you use a feature like this?

You can see more in person when the 7 Series hits US dealerships October 28th. However self parking won’t be on display as the regulatory laws in the US prevent the feature from being offered for the time being. Yet by the time the technology filters down the range we’d expect that to change.

  • KKyle

    Sure. Mini’s have big doors, and aren’t much narrower than any other car. It can be a squeeze to get in and out of the car in tighter spaces.

  • Nope…. But I’m still flexible enough to look over my shoulder. And I know the dimensions of my cars, so I don’t curb wheels or scrape my bumper. But many other people are not that capable, so I think it’s a good feature to have for the masses.

    When I’m older and less flexible, I think I would like it. But by then, who knows what tech will offer!

    • Sub_R

      If you are thinking of parallel parking, MINI already has that feature on the F5X cars.

  • ulrichd

    I was going to be mighty impressed to see the 7-series make a perfect turn and whip itself into the nearest free parking space. This – not so much.

    • Scott Eaves

      Here I thought it would be something cool like that too. Straight in and straight out? eh.

  • runt2004

    Are people really this lazy? Geeez….

  • Steve Wellen

    “Now we get to see the 2016 7 Series do the seemingly impossible with it’s self parking function.” We have had self parking for years, is this a new type? Can it squeeze you into tight spaces so that you then can’t open the doors? Throw out the bells and whistles and give me my steering and brake feel back please.

    • Yes this is new. Never has a production car parked itself via remote.

      • Bob Branch

        Be fair – more than a few cars have parked themselves. The only new bit here is doing it via the keyfob, from outside the car.

        • Right – that’s exactly what I said?

        • hemisedan

          Didn’t James Bond’s 750i do this and more back in the Tomorrow Never Dies? When was that, in 1997 or so? That was a neat chase in the parking ramp in Munich. Of course there was more to this car than parking, but pretty much on the same principle. Then they tried to fly it of the top of the parking ramp. Nope, Q wasn’t happy, again.

      • Steve Wellen

        That is new, up to now manufacturers have protected themselves from a product liability point of view by putting the driver in control of the throttle. So when your 7 series scrapes down the side of another car or squashes a shopping bag who pays?


    Nope. I can drive and park myself.

  • hemisedan

    I”m old, but I can park myself, thank you.

  • planeguy96

    a smaller key!

  • ulrichd

    What happens when Bubba comes out and finds your new 7-series parked 2″ from his Ford Raptor? Nothing good, I bet.

    • Steve Wellen

      Hilarious, great thinking.

  • RakSiam

    i’d rather see it be able to parallel park itself in a tight space

    • robble

      ?? do you mean wish it could parallel park or that it could do it in tighter spaces than it already can with the correct options?

      • RakSiam

        yes, I mean a tighter space than the current options. Don’t you need a space that’s something like 3 feet bigger than the car for it to park itself?

  • brian

    Hmm. Why would I squeeze my super expensive car next to another? I don’t want dings. If you have the cash for this 7er.. you will have space in your garage or driveway where you wont need this.

    Maybe if my driveway was and 1/8th of a mile away from my house door, and you could straight shot it. But it would take forever. Or if you have a vehicle elevator to your penthouse this could be useful.

  • brt356

    With all this talk about autonomous driving cars, and cars that park themselves seems like what people want or need are taxi cabs. [Lol] I actually enjoy the experience of driving my Minis (a new hardtop and classic), and yes I’m apparently “old school” since I am one of the 57% of Mini owners that prefer driving a manual. Perhaps we are headed towards a new brave world where all cars are identical and autonomous (ref: i, Robot), but until then please sell us cars that humans enjoy driving. (-: