Dyno Results: F56 with JCW Tuning Kit

We’ve always known BMW and MINI to be rather conservative in listing power and torque outputs. Now it would appear we have yet another example of this. Pedro of the site MotoringFun ran his newly acquired F56 with the JCW Tuning Kit through dyno to see what it was really putting out. To recap here’s where the output should stand:

  • F56 Standard Cooper S: 189 hp and 206 ft/lbs
  • F56 Cooper S with John Cooper Works Tuning Kit: 210hp and 221 ft/lbs
  • F56 Factory John Cooper Works MINI: 228hp and 236 ft/lbs


Of course it goes without saying that dyne results need to be carefully scrutinized. Everything can be a factor from dyno to weather to everything in between. Yet if these numbers are correct, this MCW with the JCW Tuning kit is putting down 206.53 hp and 236.99 ft-lbs at the wheel. Thus if we assume the typical 12% drivetrain loss we’d get something pretty impressive. Power at the Crank: Horsepower: 231.31 bhp / Torque: 267.80 ft-lbs. We’ll let him explain:

Based on these numbers, I would say that MINI is probably quite conservative in their John Cooper Works power ratings of 228bhp and 236 ft/lbs of torque, especially considering that with just the JCW Tuning Kit, Clark (the name of his MCS) has exceeded both the published horsepower and torque ratings of the factory JCW. I do hope to have someone else with their F56 Cooper S and JCW Tuning Kit come to the October dyno day so we can have another car to compare against to see if this is the norm or if Clark is just “SuperMINI” after all.