The F57 2016 MINI Convertible vs the R52 and R57

Yup the 2016 MINI Convertible is bigger. But proportionally it may be the best looking MINI Convertible yet. Take a look below and sound off with your opinions in the comments section.

  • indimini

    Still love my R52. It still draws stares and smiles from people after 10+ years.

    I find it curious that they didn’t use an ‘S’ for the R52 in all the comparison photos. It would’ve been nice to see the three variants of the same trim level.

    • Chris Bamford

      Agree, my R52 Cooper S is beautiful

  • Mysticeti

    I’m not sure if it’s the slightly more raked windshield but I prefer the lines on this iteration. The union jack roof is rather distinctive as well.

  • Taiyo

    I still drive my R52 Sidewalk everyday. At 220000km it still drives like dream. At the mo I think the best looking convertible is R57, but that is probably my sight being used to it. I can see myself liking F57 even more in future. I like the bold design of F generation MINI.

  • Scott Eaves

    Those taillights for the F generation are still way too big and just don’t look right, IMO.

  • Nick Dawson

    Not only is F57 the best looking MINI Convertible, it’s also the best looking UKL1 based MINI.