Reports of the Paceman’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated (For Now)

Recently we heard a couple reports of the Paceman being officially discontinued by MINI. While that’s not technically the case, it’s true the R61’s days are numbered. Debuted in 2012, the Paceman has been a disappointing seller for MINI since the beginning. Saddled with only two doors but the same size as the Countryman it’s had a hard sell in showrooms around the world. Yet it’s a unique vehicle in that it’s the only two door MINI two door with all wheel drive.


We expect 2016 to be the last model year for the MINI Paceman (along with the Countryman) and as such will likely end production relatively soon. While the new UKL based Countryman will debut (roughly in a year’s time) MINI is currently not planning on replacing the Paceman. So if you want a two door all wheel drive cross-over, you might want to head down to your MINI showroom soon.

  • art critic

    A true gentleman’s car , stylish and rare. Love it!

  • John L.

    Paceman has a lot in common with the 2-door Evoque, stylish but impractical if you need to use the back seat. Range Rover has a hard time selling the 2-door Evoque too.

    • Nick Dawson

      You are right about the 2-door Evoque being a relatively poor seller, but the 4-door Evoque has been the fastest selling Land Rover ever!

      • John L.

        I know. I have one. My dealer can’t get enough of the 4-door Evoque, but the occasional 2-door they get sits on the showroom floor for months.

  • Eric

    Owners feel compelled to actively defend this car on the web

  • Will the Paceman join the R55 Clubman as a low volume car cherished by a fanatical minority? All the more power to them!

    • Robo

      You cannot compare the R55 and the R61. They sold a lot more R55s. The Paceman is the unicorn of minis.

      • art critic

        The same artistic feel as Reliant scimitar, BMW Z coupe, Lotus Elite 70′ .

    • dont’ forget about us R58/R59 Coupe/Roadster fanatics (like myself.. hehe) too.. 😉