BMW is Working in an All Electric MINI

BMW is working on an all electric MINI model according to Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board member in charge of the MINI brand. We’ve heard rumors for over a year now that MINI is leveraging technology developed for BMWi and more specifically the i3 to develop what could be the brand’s 2nd electric offering after the pioneering MINI E. As opposed to the MINI E however any new electric MINI would be offered to the entire market rather than a limit test-based release.

Much still depends on progress in battery technology – Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board member

Mr. Schwarzenbauer warned however that the car is still only in the planning stages and production isn’t guaranteed. “Much depends on progress in battery technology, he said. But he also added “Mini is the urban brand and long term, we will see a lot of electric mobility in the urban environment. Mini definitely needs one.”

When we’ll see it and what shape will it take is still not known. On one hand a larger MINI would allow for greater flexibility in battery size and potentially greater range. However using a smaller MINI would better align with urban needs.

We’ll have more when we get it.

  • Great news! I would have settled for a Plug-in hybrid Clubman, but an EV would be even better! We love our i3, but wish it drove more like our R56 does with regard to handling dynamics. A 4-door hardtop or Clubman would be awesome as an EV (2-door hardtop would be even better, of course, but practically, the R56 will probably be our last 2 / 3-door for a while).

  • fishbert

    Huzzah! EV MINI FTW!

  • Jaymes Deen

    Prefer a hybrid like the Prius instead of this.

  • Ross Millaney

    Rocketman E please…or just stick the old r53 supercharger in a rocketman jcw.

    I literally wouldnt be able to drive an f56 down the city lanes I commute through in Dublin in my r53…which is rediculous for the mini brand.

    Folding in my mirros to squeeze past a bus to make a green light – thats what I want from a Mini!

  • Vboom

    Wake up BMW/MINI marketing, surely you guys can call it something better than MINI E at least unofficially can we call it the MIN-E?

  • fdavidb

    Perfect! I am currently on the last combustion engine I will ever own ( I have loved owning two JCW’s since 2005 ). I would happily pay for a nicely powered full electric with proper JCW options even if only in styling. But some acceleration would be amazing. The hybrid option disappointed me as it seemed like a non comital approach, MINI ( BMW ) should really push for this to happen, I want it and as well as many other people do as well who don’t want a sedan ( TESLA ) or the non so pretty aesthetics of the current i3.

  • Kenneth Pilheden

    Great! I am ready to pre-order a 4 door hardtop for my wife.