MINI Takes the States is Here – Are You In?

MotoringFile has been a part of every MTTS since the beginning and 2016 will be no different. Between a couple of us we’ll be covering MTTS from Michigan to Palm Springs. We’ll be posting updates on MotoringFile (and Facebook) via Instagram throughout the trek. Additionally we’d love to hear from you about your MTTS adventures whether it’s a guest post on MF’s Facebook page or writing directly on MotoringFile.

So with all that said, who’s attending MTTS? Let’s hear your plans and what you’re looking forward to you.

  • CMMC_Steve

    Catch you at St. Ignace!!

  • Gary

    Full disclosure — your post pic is from MINI on the Mack (MOTM) and, although it forecasts this year’s route across the bridge, it’s a bit ironic since MTTS is a MINI USA -sponsored event, and they essentially ignored MOTM until realizing the success MINI of Grand Rapids was having in drawing a large, national crowd to the 2013 event.

  • michael_ashby

    Headed down to Atlanta today, but only going as far as Charlotte and then headed back to Nashville. Wish I could go further, but couldn’t get enough time off.

  • Really wish I could have done it this year. 🙁