MINI JCW Racing Misses 2nd Place on the Last Lap

Tough break for the MINI JCW team. They had the pace for the outright win at Road America today but had to pit sooner than anticipated due to a potentially serious issue early in the race. This threw off their strategy slightly and they had to stretch the last load of fuel. This would be their undoing. While they technically had enough fuel to go the distance, they had a fuel hiccup on the last lap and the stock software sent the race car into 35mph limp mode they were subsequently passed by half the field.

Throughout the race the #73 car was battling for 1st and 2nd with the leaders and at times looking almost dominant. Seeing the car limp home was a huge disappointment to the team – especially after just having set the fastest lap of the race.

We’ll have an official wrap-up soon. Until then check out our photos of the day below.

  • bluzeke

    Nice detail pix Gabe. The cars are nicely prepared but it seems many times they are undone or outmatched.

  • Nathan Freedenberg

    Interesting…had no idea there was a “limo mode” in the software. Then again, it’s not terribly surprising being as big as a MINI has become. From the text… “stock software sent the race car into 35mph limo mode”…


    So that’s what happened! Was wondering. It didn’t sound right as it came up for the checkers. Had a great run going!