We’re Driving the BMW X1 All Week – What Do You Want to Know?

There’s been a lot of talk from the BMW fan case about the X1 and how it’s rather un-BMW like in it’s design and layout. Of course the reason for that is the X1 is based on the lengthened UKL platform which is the basis of the MINI Clubman and forthcoming 2017 Countryman. On the other hand we’ve heard from more than a few MINI fans that are looking at the new X1 with some interest.

So with that said we want to hear from you. What do you want to know about BMW’s MINI twin? We’re driving it back to back with our Clubman for a MINI vs BMW showdown all week and we’ll have plenty of opinions soon enough.

You can for a full review over at BimmerFile in a few weeks

Test Vehicle Options & Pricing

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.19.47 AM



Features & Specs

2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder
Displacement (cc)
Horsepower (hp @ rpm)
228 @ 5000
Torque (lb-ft @ rpm)
258 @ 1450–4500
Compression Ratio (:1)
8-speed STEPTRONIC Automatic transmission with Sport and Manual shift modes
Automatic gear ratios – I / II / III
5.25 / 3.03 / 1.95
Automatic gear ratios – IV / V / VI
1.46 / 1.22 / 1.00
Automatic gear ratios – VII / VIII / R
0.81 / 0.67 / 4.02
Automatic gear ratios – Final Drive ratio
Acceleration 0–60 mph1 (automatic)
Top speed2 (mph)
Fuel Consumption
Automatic Combined (mpg)
Automatic City / Highway (mpg)
22 / 32
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons)
Wheels and tires
Tire type3
Run-flat all-season3
Wheel Dimensions (in)
18 x 7.5 front and rear
Tire Dimensions (mm)
225/50 front and rear
Exterior Dimensions
Length / Width / Height (in)
175.4 / 71.7 / 62.9
Curb Weight – Automatic transmission (lbs)
Weight distribution, front/rear – Automatic transmission (%)
56.5 / 43.5
Payload (lbs)
Interior Dimensions
Headroom (in)
Legroom, front/rear (in)
40.4 / 37.0
Shoulder room, front/rear (in)
55.6 / 55.2
Cargo capacity (cu ft)
  • Eddie Cosme

    Love those wheels.

  • Aurel

    Slide and Recline rear seats … do they slide back from standard position or just forward? This is a BIG deal for a tall person like me that wants a usable rear passenger seat behind me. I am considering an X1 among a few other vehicles.

    • heat_fan1

      They slide forward from the fixed position, giving you more cargo room, but not more leg room, compared to the standard seats. However, have you checked out the car yet? I bought one a few weeks ago and it has quite a bit of space in the back seat.

      • Aurel

        Thanks … I did drive it and quite like it. I had 4 adults with me on the test drive and while the one behind me was “ok” it could have used more space. As far as legroom and driver room/position for someone as tall as me it is more comfortable than the X3.

  • r_k_w

    Will the Countryman get a detuned engine compared to the X1?

  • Adam Bowers

    How “Countryman” does it feel?

    • It feels slower both longitudinal and laditudinal compared to the current R60 Countryman. It’s also a feels a bunch bigger… cause it’s like 2ft longer.

      • Adam Bowers

        How does the interior compare to the new MINI models? I assume the fun factor is with the MINI.

        • Yup. Nice material quality with an overall pleasant design. But it’s all fairly generic. The Clubman is far more interesting.

        • John McLauchlan

          I drove the X1 last month. Visually improved over the prior version, however the driving dynamics are a step backward. Your “slower” and “generic” adjectives are spot on.

    • heat_fan1

      I just moved up from a Countryman to an X1 for the extra space for kids. It definitely feels nothing like a Countryman. It’s definitely more premium, especially inside. Materials are nicer, there’s much less hard plastic, and everything feels better. But, like Gabe said, it’s also a less interesting design. But the BMW has a whole lot more space. No only is the cargo area significantly larger, but the passenger area feels larger.

      In terms of driving, it’s obviously less fun. Apparently the X1 accelerates quicker, but the F60 feels like it’s surging harder. And the Mini definitely handles with more joy.

  • Logan

    I would like to know if your neighbor’s Wagoneer is for sale…

    • (Pretty sure that’s a 197x Cherokee, but I’d take a pristine example of either one.)

    • I ask once a year. The answer is no every time. And yet sits and rots more each day.

  • Patrick W

    There is nothing about the X1 that appeals to the MINI fan in me, so, no questions….

  • Nick Dawson

    BMW has confirmed that the 2017 BMW X2 will be previewed as a lightly veiled concept car at the Paris motor show in late September prior to a start to sales during the latter half of 2017. Sister model to the second-generation X1, the X2 will become the sixth SUV model to join the BMW line-up and the second to be based on its highly versatile UKL platform. The same structure underpins the upcoming F60 Countryman, which also gets its first public airing at the Paris motor show.

    The X2 will rival the Range Rover Evoque, and it has been conceived as a sporting alternative to the X1 in much the same way the X4 provides a more dynamic take on the X3 and the X6 acts as a more performance orientated option to the X5.