2016 Countryman vs the 2017 Countryman – Visual Differences

2016 Countryman vs the 2017 Countryman. There’s already plenty of debate but we thought we’d fan the flames a bit. So here they are – the original R60 (2010 – 2017) Countryman vs the all new (2017 – 2024) Countryman in all their glory. This is brought to you without comments or opinions. That’s your job.

  • heat_fan1

    Curiously, we haven’t seen photos of the new Cooper Countryman, only the Cooper S. I’m not really a fan of the black horizontal bumper covers on the front and rear of the Cooper S. For me, the brown model, which appears to have the JCW exterior package, looks so much better.


    Hey Gabe—Can we get a dimensional comparo chart between new F60, old R60, F56 and maybe Golf Alltrac or just plain 4 door Golf. You did one for the clubman and it’s a great way to get a feel for the size change

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Those black bumper covers are just plain awful. They did it not once, but twice (front and rear). Possibly one of the worst design elements ever invented.

  • Nick Dawson

    I don’t like the look of the new Countryman – I LOVE IT. I particular love the gradual evolution of the original design, its deep sides and squared-off rear corners giving it a much more masculine four-square look, and I’m over the moon with the slightly less prominent classic Mini grille.

    The retention of the three window profile, with the slightly longer and now iconic ‘helmut’ rearmost window, together with the longer wheelbase, give the new Countryman a more cohesive look than the original. Finally, I love the standard fit roof bars, which help to mark it out as a true crossover.

    BTW, according to sources close to BMW, a more rugged and off-road-capable spin-off version of the new Countryman is under development. It will feature a raised ride height, front and rear skid plates, and modified front and rear bumper designs. The Countryman’s shorter overhangs will give it an advantage over its competitors when off-roading.

  • karrock

    Awww… Why am I just noticing it now? I lament the loss of the giant round MINI logo hinged hatch release.

  • ulrichd

    Looking at the front 3/4 comparison of the old vs the new Countryman it looks to me like MINI just threw every cliche of SUV design at this car. With the exception of the roofline there is nothing here, in my opinion, that immediately identifies this as a MINI. Unlike the hatch and Clubman most non-MINI enthusiast would not be able to tell you that this is a MINI.

  • Jim

    I like the cleaner, more simple look of the old one. And I actually liked the look of the old version before the refresh even better. The new design is just way too busy. Somehow the old model still looked like a fun little car while this looks like an SUV, which kind of ruins the fun factor and the point of buying a MINI. The new design looks like they crossed the old Countryman with a Kia Soul. Not sure what they were thinking.

  • Nick Dawson

    Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. I love the way that the new Countryman has SUCCESS ‘writ large’ upon it. It is blatantly obvious that the new Countryman will be a huge global success story.

    One little sweetener for devotees of the R53. The success of the new, and very profitable F60 Countryman, can only enhance the possibility of the – BMW board’s favoured – MINI Minor becoming MINI’s fifth superhero model.

  • thomas.s.pangborn

    Wondering why the comparison was not between the S variants from each year. Should have been apples to apples. Though they are countryman the Cooper and the Cooper S versions vary enough to do a true side-by-side.

  • Rikki Loades

    For anyone wanting to configure one up and look at the different options. Things like the JCW exterior kit etc do this.

    Go to mini.co.uk. Click on a countryman model and hit the configure button.

    It will tell you the model no longer exists.

    You will have a URL like this: https://www.mini.co.uk/en_GB/home/range/new-mini-countryman/mini-cooper-countryman.html#/configurator/YS32/uid=vfRe7&language=en&country=GB

    Now the trick, edit the YS3X number incrementing whatever is in X by 1. Now on the choose a new model dialog click choose new model but then hit the close button on the model selector. Boom you are into the configurator. Been playing with various configs for the last couple of hours.

    I’ve discovered in the UK at least:

    • the roof rails cannot be removed (boo I was really hoping they would be).
    • Moonwalk grey is the only free color (Cooper and Cooper D). All other colors absurdly expensive including the solid white.
    • Wheel selection is somewhat limited and expensive – only 2 black options, rest are silver.
    • The black bumpers on the blue car are an optional All4 styling pack at a 1400 cost – no thank you and at that price it should die.

    I will let you explore the rest.

  • Patrick W

    Quick impressions: vastly prefer the old rear (who wouldn’t?), slightly prefer the new front. Side view, equally attractive but I am fond of the bulldog look of the outgoing model.

    Can’t understand how that new rear end made it this far…. busy, disharmonious, garish.