Rumor: MINI to Launch More Rugged Version of the Countryman

According to Autocar MINI is planning on adding a model to the Countryman range more focused on off-road cabilities. While this will primarily focus on aesthetics, Autocar believes this will also include a raised ride height and functional skid plates front and rear. Visual additions could include the accessory driving lights, a more aggressive wheel/tire package and modified front and rear bumper designs.

Product planners in the US in particular have been clamoring for a off-road version since the first generation of the Countryman. Several we spoke to recently referenced the recent Clubman Scrambler concept as a blueprint for what’s possible.


What this rugged version of the Countryman will be called remains to be seen. While MINI doesn’t have a history of off-road vehicles (the Moke was more of a beach-comber) Alec Issigonis did experiment with a Mini-related off-roader called the Austin Ant. Other than that MINI has plenty of rally racing history and one could easily make a connection to the recent Dakar winning Countryman run by the X-Raid team.


When and how much? We’d expect something like this to be at least 18 months away given the JCW Countryman is scheduled to launch a year from now. Costs are obviously unknown but one can expect this to comment at least JCW money given the modifications.

  • Jon A

    Maybe MINI is going to take a similar approach that Ford did with SVT. The F-150 Raptor is clearly off-road based where as cars like the Cobra, GT350, et al are road based. Whose to say the new JCW won’t follow this path? The Countryman did race in the Dakar and the WRC so there is history there.

  • Brian Dallas

    So funny. Gotta love photoshop. Gas door is on the wrong side for the new CM.

    • Jon A

      …and the tires on both the Green Countryman and the Clubby; they look utterly ridiculous.

  • Zack Feidler