MINI Confirms New JCW GP Model

For years now we’ve heard rumors of a new JCW GP. Today we have confirmation. During last week’s Countryman debut head of MINI worldwide Peter Schwarzenbauer seemed to indicate that a new GP would be forthcoming:

“I think so,” he said, when asked by Autocar at the LA motor show whether a JCW GP would be launched. “It’s an important part of the Mini brand. It has worked well for us in the past and I don’t see why not in the future.”

We’ve spoken about the F56 generation GP a few times in the past. The sources we’ve spoken to have pointed to a few forthcoming tunes of the 2.0L four cylinder JCW engine as a probably centerpiece of the model. Currently the B48B20O0 produces 250 hp in the revised BMW 3 Series and 255 in the hybrid 7 Series. In addition rumors of a higher performance tune of around 300 hp (destined for the X1 and X1) have persisted for years.


What would we see in the GP? Our guess is that MINI will be conservative with a front wheel drive car. Therefore a stripped down lighter 250 hp F56 JCW with a coil over suspension and six-pot brakes sounds just about perfect to us.

Our guess is that we’ll begin to see a winged JCW prototype at the ‘Ring next spring and details should start slipping out shortly thereafter. Expect something in the 2018 to 2019 range before it finally hits dealers.

Source: Autocar

  • Eddie Cosme

    I hope they offer a backseat option. I would love to own a GP but I still need to get the kids to school.

    • VaultDweller73

      There’s the trunk.

    • r_k_w

      Oh god, I hope not. A GP model should be stripped down and performance oriented without compromise.

      • Scott Eaves

        So, no air conditioning or power windows either?

        • r_k_w

          Of course, that wouldn’t happen because MINI has become more about “premium” than performance. But if MINI is serious about cultivating a performance image, they need to create a serious performance model. All of the GP releases sold slowly and I wouldn’t be surprised if MINI lost money on them. The GP is more about developing a performance image for the brand, not how many GPs they can sell.

        • HeDidn’tWeDid

          The GP models may have sold slowly, but you can’t find them used now for under $25K and most are going closer to $30K. Where I roam here in Arkansas just makes me all the more jealous of those who can afford one because the GP would be a Beast on the roads I drive on.

    • So just buy a regular JCW.

      • Eddie Cosme

        If that were the only difference then that would make sense. But it’s not.

    • jcwcoupe

      I second this. I would love to be able to daily drive one. But even without the back seat I would think long and hard

  • ulrichd

    Please rethink the design of the lower front bumper (aka the fish mouth) for the GP.

    • Eric

      Please not !!

  • Robert M

    I feel that the HP should be in the 250-300 range. Add the ALL4 set up from the JCW Clubman/Countryman. Since its the UKL chassis, the tunnel to the rear is still in place it’ll be an easy add.