MINI JCW Countryman Confirmed for 2017 Launch

The new F60 based MINI JCW Countryman is coming in 2017. According to several sources the car will debut later in 2017 likely with either June or September production. The car will have same 228 hp as the hatch and convertible but will have dramatically more torque at 258 ft lbs. As some of you likely have guessed, this is the same variation of the JCW engine that MINI recently debuted in the JCW Clubman.

The JCW Countryman will come standard with MINI’s six speed Getrag manual with the new eight speed Aisin automatic offered as an option.

Information on pricing and on-sale date for the JCW Countryman will likely be announced closer to launch. But the big question we have is which will be faster – the Countryman E or the JCW Countryman? The answer may be less straightforward then you’d think.

  • Nick Dawson

    The JCW Countryman develops 228hp and 251b ft torque, and the E Countryman will develop a combined 221hp and 284lb ft torque – based on the same set-up shared with the BMW 225xe PHEV. I would expect the E to have superior performance, therefore, which would also justify its higher price.