MINI USA Is Skipping the Detroit Auto Show Again

MINI USA will be skipping the Detroit Auto Show for the 2nd year in a row. Once again it appears that decision is based on the brand’s new direction which is intended to focus on select auto shows and events outside the automotive world. While this change will impact coverage by the automotive press, MINI clearly believes that’s not the only way to influence potential buyers.

What is still unclear is if MINI will also skip Geneva as they did last year as well.

  • ulrichd

    Slightly off-topic: when can we expect the mid-cycle design update?

  • Kevin Bartlett

    Yeah, I don’t think Auto Show’s translate to car sales. If they are willing to fly the press out to cover their new cars with their undivided attention then why pay just as much to setup a full scale Auto Show booth and get the press’s attention for an hour tops.

    I live in Metro Detroit, the Auto Show is a big deal here…..but I can see it becoming less and less of a big deal for the car companies. It’s a shame for Detroit as it is becoming a nicer place with more upside and they should expand the space for the show in the coming years. But as someone who loves cars I rather visit a dealer (when they aren’t open) to see the cars in person, it’s just too crowded to appreciate the cars at the show when I have gone.


    That’s really too bad. I was looking forward to seeing the Countryman in person. There’s a launch event locally however I can’t make it.