Woofcast 613: A Big Bag of 6 Podcasters

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, White Roof Radio has kicked off a new year of Podcasting, talking about MINI Coopers like we like to do. Full panel tonight including myself, Todd, Chad, Alex, Gabe and Brian Dallas. Hitting the high points from Motoringfile.com and talking about the new Countryman, which is live in the configurator and showing up at some dealers this week. As an added bonus, we get to hear what the next MotoringFile Company Car is going to be. As you know, Gabe has been completely smitten by the new Clubman and we think you guys will be as excited as we are about what he will be driving next! Finally a note to the affliates, we do go long.

New for 2017, we will be sharing black roof radio whenever possible. Since it will be very raw and unedited (and probably not safe for work), we will be limiting it’s release only to those that have signed up to support us through Patreon. It doesn’t take much to clear this pay wall gang, even a quarter a show gets you in!

  • Gabe, you are going love the JCW much more than the S. My F54 JCW 6spd went in the shop for a passenger restraint issue and they gave me the S automatic. Boy, do I miss the torque and brakes. This car puts a smile on my face every time I get on it.

  • Kevin Bartlett

    Just got to listen to this. Somehow I didn’t realize that your current Clubman is a stick. I don’t remember you commenting much about it I guess. I am disappointed that your incoming JCW is going to be an Auto, because I”m really interested in hearing how good the clubman JCW is and I would surely want it as a stick. I have a BMW with the 8 speed (yes I know it isn’t the same) and a 2010 MCS that is a stick. I didn’t expect it but given choice I choose the MINi almost every time. So I was considering trading both for a JCW Clubman stick, but would like to see some expert opinions on it first, Gabe’s qualifies.

    • It wasn’t my first choice but it’s what was available as a JCW. That said it’s a combo I haven’t driven yet (the 8 speed auto in JCW guise) so it should be interesting.

      • Kevin Bartlett

        Glad to hear it wasn’t your first choice. I’m sure the 8 speed won’t disappoint though. I’ll just have to try out a three pedal JCW Clubman and see for myself.

        • Hopefully I’ll beat you to it and let you know!

        • Kevin Bartlett

          MINI dealer in Detroit area has one, at least according to their website. Actually they have an Auto and a Stick. Of course you can’t tell much else about them because they can’t manage to take photos or post a full spec sheet…..will never figure out why some dealers are so bad showing cars I want to see. As Alex said once on this site though, dealer test drives don’t work, you can’t flog a car someone else is going to buy and I can’t buy all the cars I’d like to test drive.