First Video: 2017 MINI JCW Countryman

The 2017 MINI JCW Countryman is the largest and most powerful MINI to ever be offered from the brand. Oh technically it’s tied with the JCW Clubman on power and torque output. But the Ley thing here is this is a monster MINI that will serve as a halo vehicle for many.

The JCW MINI will begin trickling into dealers in late April with pricing announced closer to that date. In the meantime we’ve got our best look yet at the car with this official video. If you can get past the music this will be your best look at the new JCW Countryman until you can get hands-on later this spring.

  • Creed Cate


  • Edge

    Quite misleading… “most powerful” – but the same power as the other current JCW models. Since it’s also the heaviest, it will be slower than the smaller JCW models.

    • Eric

      Wrong, there is more torque

      • Edge

        …not than the Clubman, as is stated above, which means the Clubman will be faster. I still doubt that it will be faster than the any of the other JCW models.

  • Nick Dawson

    Both the F54 Clubman JCW and the F60 Countryman JCW develop an extra 22 ft-lbs torque, courtesy of the All4 all-wheel-drive system.

    F56 JCW – 236 ft-lbs torque, 0-60mph 5.9 sec F57 JCW – 236 ft-lbs torque, 0-60mph 6.3 sec F54 JCW – 258 ft-lbs torque, 0-60mph 6.0 sec F60 JCW – 258 ft-lbs torque, 0-60mph 6.2 sec