The 2017 MINI JCW Countryman Is Now Officially Fast

The 2017 MINI JCW Countryman is on an entirely new chassis offering new engines and technology. But that would mean nothing if MINI didn’t improve the one thing that we always thought it needed – more speed. The new JCW Countryman is powered by the same 228 hp 2.0L JCQW four cylinder turbo that the F56 hatch is with one key difference. Like the Clubman, the Countryman’s version of the 2.0L comes with 258 ft lbs of torque which propels the 2017 JCW Countryman to 60 in 6.2 seconds. That’s a .4 second improvement over the previous car. Also interesting is the top speed improvement. The 2017 JCW Countryman has a top speed of 145, 18 mph faster than the previous R60 version.

MINI R60 JCW Countryman vs the F60 JCW Countryman

How does it compare to the rest of the now mature F series JCW range? Here they are from fastest to slowest:

  • F56 JCW Hatch – 236 ft-lbs torque, 0-60mph 5.9 sec
  • F54 JCW Clubman – 258 ft-lbs torque, 0-60mph 6.0 sec
  • F60 JCW Countryman – 258 ft-lbs torque, 0-60mph 6.2 sec
  • F57 JCW Convertible – 236 ft-lbs torque, 0-60mph 6.3 sec

Previously we had wondered if the Countryman E Hybrid might be faster than the JCW Countryman. At least on paper we now have the answer – at least on paper. The Countryman E does 0-60 in 6.8 seconds a full .6 seconds slow than the JCW version. It’s interesting because we had heard from several sources that the hybrid feels as fast if not faster than the JCW which leads us to believe that it may be in smaller sprints. As with all electrified vehicles the Countryman E will likely be the fastest MINI off the line due to 100% of its electric torque being available from the touch of the throttle. But what these numbers indicate is that the hybrid’s electric power likely falls off quickly above 30 mph.

Official MINI JCW Countryman Specifications

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 4.01.37 PM

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 4.01.43 PM

  • Bob Lavoie

    Although only just over 2 years into my F55S ownership (my 3rd MINI), I’m considering the new Countryman S, JCW, & perhaps even the E version. Would have to weigh the benefits and negatives of each in a comparison, including pricing which has yet to be released for the JCW & E. Also still have yet to see mileage figures for any of them as well as getting to the configurator for the JCW (sometime soon?) & E hybrid.

    • Nick Dawson
      • Bob Lavoie

        I’m especially interested in the E Countryman per my previous mention of considering that model as well as the S & JCW. But pricing for that E would a deal killer if it’s priced significantly above the JCW base (i.e. If its nudging 40K US base price.) but if it’s less than the JCW, I would definitely put it at the top of those 3 models.

        • Nick Dawson

          If it’s any help to you, the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer xDrive M Sport and 2AT 225 xe are the nearest equivalents to the Countryman JCW and Countryman S E hybrid, and share the same UKL2 platform and respective drivetrains. In the U.K. the current base prices of the two models respectively are as follows:

          AT xDrive M Sport auto – £33,510 AT 225 xe auto – £32,550 (before gov grant of £2,500)

          The following link provides some useful information.

        • Nick Dawson

          Bob – please note that I have amended my previous reply by adjusting the UK base prices exclusive of VAT and on-the-road costs, to bring them more into line with US practice on base prices.

          My estimate of £26,000 UK base price for the S E without options, at the current exchange rate amounts to $32,500. After adding local taxes, delivery and OTR costs, plus essential options, would that come in above or below your ceiling of $40k?

  • Bob Lavoie

    Although the HP of the E at 221 is only 8 less than the JCW at 229, wouldn’t the E be a heavier vehicle with its elect motor & batteries than the JCW even with the lighter 1.5L compared to the 2.0L?? Are there any total torque figures for the E model compared to the 258 on the JCW?

    • Nick Dawson

      The BMW X1 xDrive30e Hybrid and MINI Countryman SE Hybrid have been co-developed and are expected to share the same Hybrid drivetrain as the current BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Hybrid, the 225xe.

      In the 225xe the front mounted 1.5-litre triple delivers 134hp and 162ft-lbs torque, with the rear mounted electric motor providing an additional 87hp and 122ft torque. That equates to a combined 221hp and 284ft-lbs torque.

  • Bob Lavoie

    Had a thought re the upcoming new SE Countryman to debut here in thenUS by late June….being a hybrid/plug in electric, it may qualify for a significant tax credit like other earlier hybrids & electric autos….at least until so many are sold over the course of years, then the tax credit decreases or ends altogether. Anyone have comments on that scenario?

  • r_k_w
    The 2017 MINI JCW Countryman Is Now Officially Fast Faster than 2016 JCW Countryman

    Fixed the title

    • Nick Dawson

      You are absolutely right. The F60 JCW is faster but not fast.

      F60 Countryman JCW 145mph, 0-60mph 6.2sec, 228hp 258ft-lbs torque Ford Focus RS 165mph, 0-60mph 4.6sec, 350hp 347ft-lbs torque VW Golf R DSG 155mph, 0-60mph 4.8sec, 300hp 280ft-lbs torque