MINI to Offer Black Grill for Countryman

Not liking the red lipstick of the JCW or the chrome trim on the standard Countryman? MINI is listening. Starting in September they’ll offer a full blacked-out grill option.

MINI Countryman with JCW Accessories

This is meant to go match the front and back black headlight rings which will be available at launch for the Countryman.

The photo above (hat tip anonymous) shows the full blacked out look along with some amazing rally inspired JCW wheels which we’lol talk about shortly.

  • Bob Lavoie

    Bummer! I ordered my new S CM All 4 a couple of weeks ago & it was built last awaiting transport to the US. I saw nothing about the blackout headlights & Taillights rings when I did the build, otherwise I would have selected that option, also looks like I ordered it 6 months too early to get the black grill trim….another bummer!

    So my only option will be to search for those items to add myself, as they become available from the misc venders for the new CM, that usually have black out items for the MINIS. Perhaps they may also be available at my MINI dealership at some point. I did all black out trim on 2 previous MINIS after I took delivery of them. Blackouts where’s available in the build then.

    • Reuben Herries

      the Piano Black exterior parts will be available through your MINI spare parts team in due time. I have not seen a factory option for the black yet, so no worries there.

      Along with the awesome ‘rally’ wheels. they certainly look the part

  • smartacus?

    i don’t care for the red grille trim. it is copying Peter Schreyer’s KIA dogbone grille

    and it gives it a frown

    • Dogbone? I always think gerbil teeth. It goes with the character of the Soul, but looks ridiculous on the Kia cars that are supposed to be “fancy” or “serious” like the K900, for instance. My opinion, anyway.

      • smartacus?

        yep. they call it the dog-bone grille. Peter Schreyer, the guy KIA poached from AUDI created it